Smart Mouth To Introduce Video Calling With Smart Mouth Mobile App

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One of the advantages that you may love and admire about your Smartphone is its capability to make video calls or video chat. With the latest in the mobile technology, even the possibility of conducting video conferencing has increasingly taken away the distinction of one-on-one video calling with the help of new innovations in mobile technology. This is made easy with sophisticated software and server clients that allow and serve not just individuals but also for groups. Also, there is also the availability of mobile technology applications that enhance the video calling feature of the smart phone like the Smartmouth Mobile App .
Smart Mouth Mobile will enable its users to video call anyone and everyone anywhere on the planet, even with another platform within instant messengers. Unlike Apple Face Time, the user can have up to five friends in the video chat session or screen at the same time, making group video chatting very fun and easy. Another cool thing that's great about the Smartmouth Mobile App is that it will allow you to get connected to just about any device that the conventional iCall, Skype, iChat or MagicJack have to offer. This mobile technology application is something quite revolutionary and that users of Smartphone can be grateful to Smarter Apps for releasing to the public.

Wherever you need to be in touch or to make or receive video calls, the Smart Mouth Mobile App is the smarter way to communicate as it crosses boundaries through different IM platforms. It is compatible for both local and international calling, VOIP, video calling from mobile to mobile, to PC or Mac through the use of Wi-Fi. This is indeed an innovative breakthrough in the aspect of telecommunication. In addition, the Smart Mouth mobile application also offers their exclusive group video within the Smart Friends Social Network and allows one to network up to 10 people simultaneously on the screen.
You will also have the option to go full screen or use the regular screen to see the people you are communicating with. This allows you to set the level of privacy you want when making a video call. The best part of it all is that, the use of Smartmouth does not entail high cost for using all its features such as voice and video calling or chatting anywhere in the world you maybe. With just $19.95 USD a year, what more could you ask for?

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