Smart Mouth Mobile Takes Bold Step into Worldwide Mobile Communications Market

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In the communications industry today the vast majority of wireless and telecom companies are increasing rates and lowering or even eliminating services such as unlimited data. Verizon announced today that they are following the lead of other wireless industry big players AT&T and T-Mobile in ceasing to offer unlimited data plans to new subscribers as they move to usage based models. After Verizon makes this transition Sprint will be the only U.S. based wireless provider still offering unlimited data packages.

According to a recent J.D. Powers survey, the average monthly wireless bill is around $73 or about $900 annually, but for families like this writer they can be much higher. My monthly wireless bill for my wife and I along with the three kids averaged over $500 per month until the two oldest got their own plans, but it was still over $300 per month until I started BETA testing the new communications app from Smart Mouth Mobile. Listen up because I am about to let you in on something that is going to completely revolutionize the mobile communications industry.

The Smart Mouth Mobile application not only allows you true unlimited calling and texting but there are many more features coming soon such as video chat and conferencing, Smart Fax and Smart Find, a feature that will turn on the ringer of a device if on silent to help the user find lost or misplaced devices more easily. A particularly astonishing feature is the ability of the application to transform a normal iPod Touch into a phone. This doesn’t just work on the newer 4G iPods, but even on the older 2G versions like my stepdaughter’s. I downloaded the app to her iPod, the platform auto generated a personal number for the iPod that is assigned for the life of the device and I made calls to friends in multiple locations around the world. The call quality was incredibly clear and there were no per minute charges to worry about with the Smart Mouth app.

The reality of the matter is this, if you want to drastically reduce your monthly communications bill you can easily do so by downloading the Smart Mouth Mobile app and using the WiFi capability for the majority of your calls and just keep a minimal data plan for those times when you may not have WiFi access. Coming very soon, this innovative young communications company will even have a way around that and the consumer can get all of these features for only $19.95 USD per year, not per month!

In the current economy most people are trying to find ways to cut costs and trim budgets, the Smart Mouth Mobile app makes it easy by not only helping you to drastically reduce communication costs, but also giving you more features at the same time. Devices currently supported are the iPhone from generation 2 all the way to the latest 4GS and will also operate on the upcoming 5G; the iPads, and the iPod Touch from 2G on up (I personally tested the app on a 2G), with Android and Blackberry versions due out very shortly.

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