Smart Mouth Mobile Offers True Unlimited Voice, Text And More While Wireless Carriers Restrict Usage

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As yet another wireless carrier announces new "tiered data plans", Smart Mouth Mobile is poised to shock the communications industry by releasing a new mobile application that offers TRUE unlimited calling and texting anyone, anywhere on the planet.

Verizon Wireless stated in a press release that they are not "throttling" their customers as T-Mobile does, which is an industry term for going to a lower performance download/upload speed resulting in the user having a lower quality experience. This writer has a difficult time understanding this statement when the fact of the matter is that Verizon and others such as AT&T have moved to plans that offer certain levels of data usage and then bill for overage charges. In yet another example of double talk, Verizon also stated earlier this year that they would occasionally throttle their subscribers who use a great deal of data.

Regardless of the method of restricting use, whether it is access restrictions or economic restrictions the end result is the same, the user must pay through the nose for truly unlimited service. Here’s a direct quote from the CFO for Verizon, Fran Shammo, "The user that wants to use a lot of data will pay for it." Now, if that doesn’t tell you what these large wireless carriers think of their customers I don’t know what will. In contrast, Smart Mouth Mobile is committed to bringing the most cutting edge and innovative services available while making the price affordable to all at only $19.95 per year for unlimited voice, text, and much more including video features like chat, conferencing, email and voice mail.

Here’s another statement made by Shammo which indicates the direction which the large wireless carriers intend to take, "As the market matures, pricing will mature," he said, noting that the company will first launch the tiered price plans and then progress to a family data plan for multiple devices. "But right now we are focused on tiered pricing for the summer."

AT&T implemented the tiered data plan pricing structure last year, levying stiff charges for users who go over their usage limits. I have been grandfathered in on my unlimited plan for quite some time but was told that if I want to upgrade my iPhone 3GS to an iPhone 4 that I will have to go to of the new tiered data plans; this is the only reason I haven’t yet upgraded to the iPhone4. As you may well imagine by now, I am VERY excited about the new Smart Mouth Mobile app which will allow me to upgrade my iPhone and choose the lowest possible plan and then get my unlimited usage by using the Smart Mouth Mobile technology.

The sleeping giants are about to get awakened by the young, forward thinking Smart Mouth Mobile whose business philosophy of developing and releasing the most advanced communication technology possible at the lowest possible price is in direct opposition to the telecom dinosaurs. The mobile communications market is going to be interesting to watch over the next few months as the fearless and debt free Smart Mouth Mobile releases over 100 features not available on other platforms; I’ve got my popcorn ready, how about you?

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