Small Garage: Here’s How to Keep It Organized

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Keeping a garage organized and looking good is not always the easiest task to overcome. If you have a small garage, it is unfortunately that much harder to keep tools, sports equipment, trash cans, and outdoor furniture clean and organized. When you have a small garage, with an abundant amount of items that need to be stored, the best way to stay organized is to invest in storage equipment that can help you make the most of the space you are working with.

Most people reserve the bulk amount of interior space in their garage for one or more cars. This often leaves you with precious little space in which to keep all of the items that you want to keep stored in there. The trick in organizing any garage, especially a smaller one, is to find and use storage organizers that can help you make proper use of your wall and ceiling space. Since most of the floor space will be used for vehicles, using up the extra, free vertical space is the best way of getting equipment organized. For a small garage, there are plenty of wonderfully helpful types of storage containers and organizers that will help you make the most of your space.

Shelving and Cabinets

While shelves and cabinets can always be well-used in garages, when you have a smaller garage, you will need to become knowledgeable and choose carefully. The best option in a small garage is to select tall shelves that help you make use of the thin, vertical space you have open. Choose tall, free-standing garage shelves with four or more tiers so that you can stack multiple items on them. There are also items, such as stackable organizing cubes, that allow you to custom design your storage to fit your limited space.

If you need portable storage, your best bet is a folding utility cart. This helpful tool can be stored in flat form in the garage, and then folded out whenever you need it. These are perfect when you need a cart to take with you to the beach, picnics, and other outdoor events. These are also great for a permanent place in your garage since it enables a good amount of storage without taking up to much space.

Tools and Garden Equipment

Garden and maintenance tools can take up a lot of room in your garage, especially if they are not well organized. The simple solution, and the most practical for a small garage, is a wall-mounted tool rack that can effectively hold shovels, spades, rakes, hoes, forks, and any other items that you need for garden maintenance. Choose a rack that can hold a good amount of weight while being damp resistant, in case your garage usually gets wet during the rain.

Another great garden organizer must-have is a hose organizer. This wall-mounted organizer is definitely a great idea for a small garage as it allows your hose to remain un-tangled and un-punctured. For electrical extension cords, a Reel-A-Cord is the perfect solution with the capacity to store up to 175 feet of extensions.

Sports Equipment

Bats, balls, ski equipment, mitts, and gloves can take up a good amount of room in your garage. If your family is active and heavily into many different sports, it is likely that you have a good amount of sports equipment. In a small garage this can be an absolute nightmare to organize. Luckily, there are garage storage items such as the EZNET that can make it a lot easier to cope with. The EZNET is a fantastic wall-mounted, industrial strength, netted "hold-all," that can serve as storage for a vast array of sporting equipment from balls to bats. It is perfect for a small garage since it is wall-mounted, and the flexible netting allows it to hold all equipment safely and securely.

For those families that love to bike, there are rolling bike stands that are ideal for any garage no matter what the size. The rolling bike stands have tiny wheels that allow you to easily move the bike around your garage without having to remove it from the stand.

Fishing Equipment

To keep fishing equipment organized safely is by no means an easy feat. Longer rods need support as well as safe storage to remain intact and ready for that next big family fishing trip. A couple of great options for storing fishing equipment in the garage are fishing rod racks, and wall-mounted fishing rod holders. The fishing rod rack is a great option if you have the space to spare. With a twelve-rod capacity, drawers to organize lures and other supplies, and four casters that allow you to roll the entire rack smoothly to wherever you need it, this is a perfect option. In a smaller garage, you might not have the floor space for that kind of rack. In this case, the next best solution is a wall-mounted fishing rod holder. With a six-rod storage capacity and a secure ceiling-mounted construction, this is perfect for smaller garages and can be installed anywhere.

Shannon McCoy is a freelance writer who writes about home organization often focusing on a specific kind of item such as garage organizers

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