Small Business Telephone - Should You Invest in Professional Greetings?

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Definitely one of the queries that I commonly receive whenever speaking about small business telephone systems, no matter whether on site or hosted, is "Do I have to produce my own greetings?" My perception is that almost all small business owners never exactly relish recording business greetings, menu prompts, and extension names. I do not know that any of us really likes the sound of our own tone of voice, however the method for recording greetings and prompts can be rather time-consuming.

The price of developing a professional custom made greeting recorded has plummeted lately as electronic digital media files can now easily be transmitted back and forth over the web. In the event of the custom made phone system greeting, you are able to speak to a service, get a quote, and sometimes have a digital file in your e mail for upload directly into your phone device the very next day.

However, there are numerous considerations whenever figuring out whether or not you wish to use outsourcing for your voice greetings and prompts.


Usually, you'll need to have a number of greetings and prompts across the software, and these should be kept uniform. Just because your main business greeting is 30 seconds and you got a $30 quote for that recording, understand that you might want all your greetings and prompts recorded by the exact same voice professional for consistency which will most likely cost much more than your first price quote.

Tone of voice quality

For a lot of of us, myself included, the caliber of our speech just isn't always on a level that portrays a high quality company image in a voice greeting. In the event this is the actual case for you, you will probably want to at the very least consider utilising a voice professional to record for your business phone software.

Up-date frequency

Are you currently operating a seasonal enterprise and altering your service or product offerings many times each year? Do you want to use your phone system greetings to inform incoming phone callers of special marketing promotions or current discounts? If you want to rotate through numerous cycles of greetings, even if only for your main business on-hold messaging, employing a pro for voice recordings could become much too pricey. You may very well be better off changing greetings all on your own.

Although there are additional factors to consider when deciding to incorporate expert voice greetings into your business phone system, you will want to define the way in which they might fit into your overall customer communication system before you take the leap.

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