Slim Fast Diet Plan - The Best For Your Weight Loss?

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At the beginning, Slim Fast appeared to have a smart methodology. Just grab a quick shake (or meal bar) and you've got your meal. Quick and easy. Plus, using the attractive theme of a "milkshake", the diet caught on quickly - initially.

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As it matured, the Slim Fast diet plan expanded to include four parts.

1) The "Replace" section is the most obvious. This means substituting a Slim Fast item for a meal or two.

2) Next is the "Combine" step. For this, you must integrate "real" foods into your daily eating.

3) "Dine" is the next part of the process. This means including a severely calorie-limited "real" meal with your daily consumption.

4) "Snack" is the last part of the process. For this, you get to have a rare snack, as you try to defeat the frequent hungry feelings you will have using this system.

So does it work? It's most positive aspect, is the ease with which the diet can be done. A shake (or meal bar) is all you get to eat, for 1-2 daily meals. And for the busy person, it is very easy to take the shakes or bars with you to use for your meals during the day.

However, there are many reported disadvantages to this diet. Among them are constantly being hungry and the bad taste.

Worst of all is the high expense of purchasing all the artificial foods. This is something that you have to take into account as well. The shakes are priced at over a dollar per can. Substituting the recommended 2 meals a day, results in a weekly cost of up to twenty dollars. With the bars as well, that increases the weekly cost to more like 25 dollars. That's $100 a month, that could be better spent on healthy foods, instead of synthetic shakes and bars.

Another problem, is that most people who are asked does Slim Fast really work, report that it worked only for the limited time they were able to stick with the diet. Most report that all their weight came back, as soon as they discontinued the diet!

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