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Powersang Technology launches the brand new external switching power supply – Slim Adapter. As its name,Slim Adapter emphasizes on the features of “slim, ultrathin and mini” for notebook adapter and the ultimate in many consumer’s tastes!

Ultrathin case, fine craft and competitive price is your best option.
This model is according to many requirements of our customers to design. Meet Energy star Level V, and CE, SAA, TUV, GS standards with OVP, OPP, OCP, OTP function, maximum limit to protect your loveable notebook. The dimension is 120*59.5*15 mm.
Slim Adapter series are the external power supplies with 90~240Vac input voltage and 19Vdc single output. And the input power is less than 0.3w at no load, The efficiency is greater than 88%, helps more power saving and safety efficiency. From now on, the 40W, 65W and 90W adapters are available to meet with different requirements.
Above the former mentioned, the specifications show that the slim adapter is functionally equivalent to the standard 65W adapter but in a small package. It does not get any hotter than the standard adapter, despite heavy use, but cools faster than the standard adapter. Powersang Technology can have made this adapter standard with the compatible notebooks and offer the additional connectors as accessories. Once you start using the slim adapter, you are likely to keep away from the standard adapter.

As the slim adapter is specifically made for notebooks that require 65W power, notebooks that require 90W power will operate slower and the battery will take a long time to charge than it would with a 90W adapter.
I have seen many of power solutions for slim adapter in my time, and chances are you have as well. Everything from cell phones to laptops needs them. The unfortunate thing is they all eventually go bad, such as so hot, so big, so heavy, and not charge. The added weight on your shoulders can be unbearable at times. When they do contacting the manufacturer of the device may cost you a pretty penny. Getting a hold of an OEM replacement power adapter has proven to be expensive, so this would leave many of us looking at third party power units.

Model: PST-6519S-C8
CEC average efficiency:
Output Load Input Power Efficiency
25% (20.366V/0.814A) 18.534W 89.43%
50% (20.364V/1.624A) 36.58W 90.43%
75% (20.361V/2.434A) 55.21W 89.73%

100% (20.354V/3.245A) 73.96W 89.33%
Average 89.73%
* No load power consumption: PIN=0.087W
Output Load Input Power Efficiency
25% (20.368V/0.814A) 19.35W 85.70%
50% (20.365V/1.625A) 37.03W 89.35%
75% (20.361V/2.434A) 54.81W 90.40%
100% (20.365V/3.245A) 71.93W 91.89%
Average 89.34%
* No load power consumption: PIN=0.162W
Powersang Technology Market Dept.

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