Sleep Your Way to Weight Loss

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You didnít get much sleep last night; perhaps because you needed to put the finishing touches on a last minute work project or you were up late checking your email and social accounts. Regardless of the reason, your late night activities have begun to burden you with less time left for sleep.

While a healthy lifestyle depends greatly on a quality diet and a regular fitness agenda, there is also the importance of getting the proper rest. Sleep is something that our busy agendas rarely seem to leave time for, but it is in fact an essential part of your health and not to be disregarded.

Sorry, didnít sleep much last night

Lack of sleep basically stresses your body out. It increases your chances for high blood pressure, stroke, and heart attack, all working directly against what you and your fitness goals are trying to achieve. These stresses are primarily derived from the bodyís inability to properly function without sufficient rest. You donít feel as energetic throughout the day. You end up looking for chances to achieve the sleep and rest youíve forfeited. You might even end up nodding off during a meeting, simply procrastinating important projects, or even your fitness agenda. These are just a few consequences, as the lack of proper sleep can definitely affect the outcome of your day in many different ways.

To be more physically-specific, poor sleep can actually affect your metabolism. It does this by decreasing your base-line metabolic rate and by decreasing the insulin secreted after eating (insulin is responsible for proper sugar metabolism). This results in high blood sugar after a meal, leaving you feeling a little strange and often un-energetic. These conditions will affect not only how you feel, but also your ability to control your weight in a healthy manner. As you begin to develop an unhealthy sleeping pattern, your body will begin to function differently. But, as soon as you return to a healthy sleeping pattern, your bodyís functions will quickly return to a normal, healthy level.

Good nightís sleep

A proper nightís sleep helps reduce stress and encourages proper body functions. It gives your brain and nervous system the opportunity to shut down and reset for the next day. For anyone that has gone more than thirty hours without any sleep, you will quickly notice that motor skills, thought processes, and even speech all suffer greatly. This leaves you with the inability to focus, often resulting in poor quality of effort in whatever you are working on (such as business functions).

Unfortunately, lack of sleep tends to accumulate over time. Just because youíve slept recently, it does not mean that you are well-rested. A daily regimen of seven to eight hours of sleep is needed to ensure quality brain and body function. During this time, the mind resets while the body fulfills its required functions. If you donít give it enough time, your body and mind wonít achieve their goals.


What about a nap? A lot of people underestimate the ability of a power nap, but even more importantly misunderstand what a power nap truly is. Power naps are basically a moment of rest, averaging no more than fifteen to twenty minutes at a time. This allows the mind to refocus and basically gives you a chance to catch up with yourself. The rush of constant activity can leave your day whizzing right by, often with little opportunity to organize yourself and focus on what is needed. Power naps provide not only a moment to reset, they provide you with the opportunity to refocus your efforts and function more efficiently.

Together with a healthy diet and quality fitness practices, giving your body sufficient time to rest and rejuvenate is a crucial element to a healthy lifestyle. The importance of these practices is the baseline method for such establishments in the southern California fitness center. Of course, finding the time may not be as easy, but understand that a healthy body and well-rested mind will function more efficiently and therefore be far more productive than if you had forgone sleep. Because your goal is to ultimately achieve a completely healthy lifestyle, it is essential that you eat properly, exercise regularly, and get well-rested.

Sleep plays an essential role in your well-being, primarily because it gives your mind and body the opportunity to reset and regenerate for the next day. Even with a busy schedule, youíll find that you can actually achieve more and experience complete well-being if you just take the time to get the right amount of sleep.

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