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Skyrise is not your typical abstract painting. While maintaining a unique and innovative approach to it's subject matter, the focus of this piece is geometric shapes and a series of lines- a very common subject of paintings that here, is rendered anew in a thought provoking and handsome manner. This piece uses soft natural colors that oppose and compliment one another- for example the black and white outlines of the subjects. The representations of the subjects themselves are minimal and spare on detail and give this original canvas more of a modern feel. Each of the subjects is highlighted by a series of messy lines that stand in contrast to the very deliberate angles of the subjects of the painting and frame for the most interesting shapes in the painting. The background colors are equally lovely, soft hues contribute to the feminine, soft aesthetics of this piece. Even though the piece is very innovative in it's depiction of the squares and rectangles across it's canvas and chooses unique ways of highlighting these subjects, the modern ambiance is intensified by the way the piece is laid out.

This painting comes on four canvases, yet the canvas is also divided into blocks by the colors the artist has used in the background and subjects. Within every stripe of color, there is a different shaped rectangle that contrasts the color of the square next to it and so on. Even though this painting is distributed across four canvases, the design of the piece almost makes it feel as though there weren't any breaks in the canvas. The multiple canvas design is perfect for most spaces and can be hung quickly and easily on any accommodating wall. The colors of this piece make it a perfect addition to any room that is hoping to achieve a feminine, airy quality or would like to strike a balance between the modern and the traditional. If you are taken with the unique design of this piece, you may be interested in some of the paintings available in our Tree Canvas section, many of which explore the possibilities of presentation on single or multiple canvases. One piece in particular that might interest you if you enjoy the unique floral patterns of Skyrise is Modern Print, a sweetly illustrated still life scene with flowers in abundance.


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