Sky TV with a sky plus box opening up the digital world

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If you’re new to the world of sky television or satellite TV in general, then you’ve really been missing out on a revolution in the TV watching experience. However, it’s not too late and you haven’t missed out just yet; with sky TV just getting into a whole new golden age of programming, you’ve in fact come along at the perfect time.

If you Buy Sky Box accessories along with a Sky Plus Box you could soon be on your way to enjoying the sky TV experience as it was meant to be experienced and enjoyed. With an astonishing range of channels and programmes available, you’ll wonder why you never signed up before.

Available channels

You can watch channels that range from sports entertainment of a wide variety, to arts channels, entertainment channels, kid’s channels, music channels, and of course all the terrestrial channels that you already know and love.

Sports channels available include the premium quality sky sports channels from 1 to 4 as well as a sports channel dedicated to news. As well as these, you’ll find a whole host of other great sports channels including eurosport. These sports channels show a huge range of sports, ranging from those you’d expect such as: football, tennis, rugby, basketball, American football, golf, darts, and cricket. To those you’d perhaps not expect, such as: archery, badminton, netball, luge, handball, indoor football, beach football, volleyball, triathlon, clay pigeon shooting, squash, and so on.

Arts channels show a range of shows that vary from ballet, opera, and the performing arts, to live music gigs and open air concerts. There are also entertainment programmes of artistic merit included on these channels, leading to a widely varied arts channel service.

Entertainment channels typically show all the long running television series’ and entertainment programmes such as dramas and action programmes. These also include cartoons aimed at a more adult audience and sitcoms of a similar type. Entertainment programmes typically make up the majority of the more popular viewings, with people tuning in regularly to catch the latest episode.

Children's channels are surprisingly vast, with channels in double figures rather than single. These channels start extremely early in the morning and continue into late afternoon. They typically show cartoons, children’s game shows, and children’s dramas. Depending on the channel and time of day, the programmes will vary in regard to their intended age group, with the younger children’s shows being televised earlier in the day, while older children’s shows being televised later in the day, perhaps to coincide with them finishing school.

Additional terrestrial channels

As previously mentioned, all the terrestrial channels are available on sky TV, allowing you to watch all the shows that you currently do. However, in addition to this, there are also additional channels run by these terrestrial broadcasters, such as ITV2, ITV3, ITV4, BBC3, BBC4, and E4. These often carry programs that are slightly different to those on the mainstream channels, which, if successful, often find their way onto the main channels.

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