Sky Multiroom affordable service for peaceful TV watching sessions

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The age of digital TV has made TV watching more interesting than ever for it offers a wider range of programmes and TV content to its customers. Apart from this you can even pause, rewind and record live TV which can be stored on to your TV box to be viewed at a later date

By offering a wide range of TV content neatly packed in 6 Entertainment Packs viz. Variety, Style and Culture, Knowledge, Music, News and Events and Kids, two premium channels Sky Movies and Sky Sports, Sky customers can keep watching TV all the time. But a wide choice such as this has its own drawback for most families tend to quarrel over what to watch and when whose preferred programme should be watched.

Taking into consideration prime time quarrels over TV, Sky has introduced the Sky Multiroom service which proves to be the ideal solution to the same. For enjoying the Sky Multiroom service you need to subscribe to Sky TV and avail and extra box in your room. The additional box should be connected to the same fixed telephone line in order to enjoy Sky TV through it. In case you wish to watch HD programmes, you should go in for a Sky + HD box and subscribe to Sky HD pack.

With no caps on the number of additional TV subscriptions, you can go for as many Multiroom connections you wish for. This further implies you can buy extra boxes in how many ever rooms you wish to provide Sky TV with provided you pay for the additional subscriptions.

Currently, Sky TV customers with Sky + Box and Sky + HD Box can avail the second box at no extra cost while those with a Standard Sky Box and Sky + HD 1TB box have to pay the prescribed amount for their second box.. At the same time Standard Sky box owner and Sky Plus owners have to pay towards their standard set up while Sky+HD and Sky + HD 1 TB owners can enjoy free standard setup. Irrespective of the Sky TV box owned by them, they have to bear the costs of an additional TV subscription and those wishing to watch the HD pack have to pay for the same.

Once installed and activated the Sky Multiroom service does give each family member the freedom to watch as per his or her preferences and stay satiated over the same. Offering you a choice in TV boxes is one of the biggest advantages of opting for Sky Multiroom for you can decide upon your preferred TV box and pay the additional subscription charges to get going with maximum entertainment from Sky TV UK.

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