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If you're planning to subscribe to Sky HD, you may have a few questions about some aspects of the service and how it all works. This will act as a guide to all the features and new additions you will find with Sky HD TV.

What do I need?

All you need to watch Sky HD TV is a HD compatible TV set and a Sky HD box, with a subscription to the Sky HD pack (including all the HD channels of Sky). You then need to tune into one of the Sky HD channels and you can start to enjoy HD TV.

What benefits does an HD box give me?

An HD broadcast gives up to 5 times as much detail as a standard definition broadcast, making you feel immersed in the action, as if you truly were there. Additionally, it provides:

* Vibrant colour
* Incredible sound quality
* Up to 44 HD channels
* Sky Anytime
* Remote recording from your mobile or from the internet

Can I record HD broadcasts?

Yes, these can be recorded in exactly the same way as standard definition broadcasts, but will take up more space than a standard definition broadcast; a Sky HD box can record up to 60 hours of HD broadcasts, compared with 185 hours of SD broadcasts. All the features of a conventional Sky+ box are still available, with pausing live TV, rewinding, scheduled recordings and series link all available.

How many HD channels can I watch?

With the Sky HD pack, you will have access to up to 44 HD channels, far more than any other provider. The channels that are available to you depend on which standard definition channels you have subscribed to; if you have the standard definition version of a channel, you will also get the HD version as part of the package.

Luxe TV HD, Channel 4 HD, BBC HD, ITV1 HD, FIVE HD and Channel 4 HD are all available regardless of your subscription types, as long as you have the Sky HD service.

What new features does the Sky HD TV guide have?

* The now, next and later bar is improved and now shows up to 12 hours ahead
* Mini TV allows searching of TV listings without causing you to miss your current programme
* You can record and series link straight from the TV listings without having to return to the planner
* The series stack feature makes managing recordings from the planner even more simple
* The search function has been improved, allowing searching by title or genre

Can I record movies from box office?

Yes, movies from Sky box office can be stored for up to seven days. You'll be charged once you watch the film for the first time, and you can watch it again as many times as you want for the next 24 hours before it automatically gets deleted.

What is an HDMI cable?

This is a type of cable that provides High definition images and sound to your TV from you Sky HD Box. HDMI (or High Definition Multimedia Interface) transports images and sounds digitally between devices, so the image and sound quality is 100% pure every time and won't suffer from interference.

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