Natural Lotion for Dry Skin Makes Swimmers’ Skin More Beautiful

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Does your dry skin care product stop working when you hit the pool?

If you’re constantly dealing with dry skin in the summer, the pool may be your problem. Every stroke you take in chlorinated water damages the skins protective surface layer, causing tiny cracks that eventually lead to a full blown dry skin problem – unless you use a natural lotion that doesn’t wash off.

Why is chlorine such a problem? Chlorine is a very harsh and toxic chemical. We started using it in our water systems to combat cholera and typhoid over 100 years ago. Although we’re no longer fighting such diseases, and have much better solutions than chlorine if they did become a problem again, our use of chlorine has now become an excellent example of too much of a good thing: We use more and more of it, and in higher concentrations.

Not only does chlorine damage the skin – causing everything from itchy, dry skin to eczema, premature aging, wrinkles and cracks – the fact that it damages the skins protective surface layer also opens the door to disease: The surface of the skin is designed to protect the rest of the body by keeping out the bacteria, viruses and other toxins present in our environment. If the protective layer is damaged, these disease-causing substances can enter the body through the tiny, sometimes invisible, cracks in the skin.

The chlorine, of course, can also be absorbed. Ironically, what once was the cure is now part of the problem.

So, what is the solution? First of all, you need to use a natural lotion for dry skin. Traditional dry skin care products contain loads of drying chemicals. They make the skin feel smooth, but what you’re really feeling isn’t the skin, it’s the product. A natural lotion without harsh chemicals doesn’t make your dry skin worse.

As for the second factor – the lotion not washing off as soon as you jump in the pool - hundreds of dermatologists now recommend a shielding lotion. A good shielding lotion bonds with the outer layer of the skin to form a new protective layer that is non-greasy, maintains normal moisture levels without blocking the pores, and helps lock out chemicals, toxins and other potentially harmful substances. And, yes, it doesn’t wash off!

Also, the best shielding lotion is also a natural lotion – no harsh chemicals to worry about.

To handle the chlorine in your shower, it’s best to get a shower filter. Make sure it eliminates chlorine – which not all of them do.

Before you jump in the pool, apply your natural lotion – a good shielding lotion is your best option. Follow your swim with a shower that has a filter installed, and re-apply your natural lotion afterwards.

Many of us wait all year to be able to get into the pool. Don’t let chlorine spoil it for you. Play your cards right and your summer skin could be more beautiful than ever!

Gloria MacTaggart, an expert author focusing on naturally healthy skin care, contributes articles for 21st Century Formulations and their product line, Skin MD Natural ( For more info go to

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