Skin whitening creams exposed – the horrible truth!

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One of the most common signs of aging - skin spots - often has us reaching for the skin whitening creams.

But according to an expert in skin care, the decision to use a skin bleaching treatment could end up costing you your skin's health.

Sia Hendry from Laser By Sia says most skin whitening products contain a dangerous chemical, which is actually banned in other countries.

"Most of the skin lightening products in Australia that you get at the pharmacy or that are prescribed by dermatologists, contain hydroquinone," Sia says.

"Unfortunately, this substance in various skin bleaching lotions can be very harmful, and long term use deposits a blue/black pigment into the skin that cannot be removed. This chemical is banned in many countries, such as Japan and South Africa, because of this."

Fortunately, Sia explains, there are other more effective ways to get rid of unwanted skin discolouration, otherwise known as hyperpigmentation, and these treatments are now available in Sydney.

"Hyperpigmentation appearing as sun spots or age spots can be caused by sun damage, skin trauma or injuries, such as acne, certain medications or hormones," Sia says.

"Lighter skinned people are more prone to UV and hormone induced pigmentation, while people with dark skin are more prone to β€˜trauma induced' hyperpigmentation or dark skin spots following acne or scarring.

"There is now a laser pigmentation treatment available in Sydney that is very effective for most skin types and blows away the results of any skin whitening cream."

Apparently, the alexandrite laser is amazingly effective at attaching the excess pigment in these spots on the skin and destroying it. It is also more effective than old laser technologies, such as IPL, and skin bleaching treatments.

"It is safe to use on face spots and other pigmentation on the face, and the alexandrite laser is set to an exact wavelength to treat down to the deep dermal layers of the skin, where the hyperpigmentation originates. No skin lightening cream can actually reach down that far," Sia explains.

"Laser skin pigmentation treatment is the most effective way to remove spots caused by sun exposure and hormones - much better than skin whitening creams. In the case of certain medium to darker skin tones, it is very important you use a clinic that will undertake a skin prepping treatment prior to your laser treatment to prevent the skin from hyperpigmenting, so do your research.

"Treating facial spots takes less than five minutes, and larger areas can take up to 15 minutes. There is mild discomfort, followed by redness and a slight swelling in the treated area for up to 12 hours. Micro crusting will occur within 24 hours, which is the first sign of healing, and will take 10 days to two weeks to slough off, revealing a clearer complexion.

"You will need a number of laser treatments, two to four weeks apart, for the most effective removal of unwanted pigmentation."

Following your pigmentation treatment, Sia explains it is very important to follow your post treatment care program and always wear a sunscreen.

"And remember, no laser can whiten your overall skin tone," she says.

For more information on how to ditch the Laser By Sia skin whitening products, visit the Laser By Sia
website, or call 02 8323 7510.

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