Skin Chemical Peel for Healthier Skin

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Everyone is looking for ways to make their skin look and feel younger. One way that is becoming more and more popular, is the use of chemical peels. A skin chemical peel is considered a cosmetic surgery; however it is less evasive and is considered a safer alternative than other cosmetic procedures.

A chemical peel works by removing the upper layers of the skin through an acid solution that is placed on the skin. This acid also removes and reduces lines, wrinkles and scarring, and ultimately leaves the person with a fresh layer of skin.

There are two most popular procedures when it comes to chemical peels. One is a superficial or medium peel; the other is a deep peel. A superficial or medium peel will be done numerous times to see noticeably different results. This is the most popular among people. The peel is compared to the pain in receiving a second degree burn. A deep peel is done once and results are achieved and these results are permanent. However is considered more dangerous.

Depending on which peel a person chooses is the amount of recovery time needed. For a superficial peel the recovery time is three or so days. The skin will continue to redden and peel off these days, so it is necessary to avoid makeup. A deep peel will require up to a month or two for recovery. These types of peels require the patient to be sedated. This type also has the most side effects.

Side effects with chemical peels are redness or swelling of the skin. These are common side effects. However, with a deep peel the side effects are larger. For example, skin infections, allergic reactions and so on. Your dermatologist can give a more definite list of side effects.
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