Skin Care Products Every Bathroom Shelf Needs

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To best take care of your skin, you need a small collection of skin care products in your bathroom. Here are a few products you should never be without.

Good Sunscreen

Sunscreen is the number one ingredient for long-term anti-aging. Sun damage affects everyone, whether it shows visibly by darkening the skin tone or not. Aside from the natural effects of aging, sun damage is one of the most prominent external sources of skin damage. A good sunscreen is not only defined by its SPF Ė over SPF 40 Ė but also by how well it addresses your individual needs, as well. For example, if you suffer from photosensitivity, consider getting Solar Protection Sunblock specifically for photosensitive individuals at SPF 40, 58 or 65. If you donít put on sunscreen because you donít want to feel sticky or look white at the office, consider TI-SILK SHEER Sunblock with an SPF of 45 or 60. Take into account the ease of application Ė will you wear sunblock if itís not a spray-on type? If not, get the spray-on; if you donít wear it, itís worthless. If you have dry skin, consider sunscreen lip balm. Make sure to have a waterproof sunscreen in stock, too; the summer months in Austin require a dip in the pool, and you require health.

Safe Make-Up

Most make-ups lay on the skin thick and heavy, clogging up pores and causing acne. Mineral make-up like Glominerals uses antioxidants, high-pigment minerals and UV protection in their makeup formula. These ingredients keep the skin healthy while also allowing the make-up to do its job Ė cover up existing blemishes, beautifying usersí appearance.

Facial Cleansers

Many people think washing their face should be a basic process of lathering and rinsing. However, soap shouldnít necessarily be a part of that process. Depending on the type of soap, it can clog up pores, make skin oilier and overall do more harm than good. Skin cleansers allow you to clean your face without clogging it up. SkinCeuticals is a professional skin care company which sells safe, high-quality products, if youíre looking for a worthwhile facial cleanser. However, they only sell them through dermatologists, med spas and other skin care professionals, so call your Austin cosmetic dermatology clinic to get your SkinCeuticals facial cleanser.

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