Skin Care Habits to Help You Say Goodbye to Eye Wrinkles

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Do you know how to judge a woman’s age? Eye is most likely to reveal gaps of age, so it is very important to settle dark circles and fine lines.

The aging of the skin starts from the thinnest skin of the eye, which is the key point to decide whether you look young or not and the eye skin is maintained smooth or not. The obvious signals are dark circles, fine lines around eyes and loose eye skins. If you do not want to look older, it is very important to follow my suggestions.

Apply sunscreen for eyes. It is the already recognized fact that ultraviolet rays can cause wrinkles. All dermatologists will tell you how important it is to prevent sun, but do you forget that eyes also need sunscreen? No matter you make up eyes after using eye cream or paint eye with sunscreen which is applied on face skin, they are not correct. Especially many women like to use white sunscreen or isolation emulsion, the whitening ingredients in it will stimulate thinner and fragile eye skin. So it is better to choose the special sunscreen products. In addition, do not choose light sunglasses just for beauty and the deeper color glasses have better effect in preventing sunshine.

Drink less water. You may complain why it is so expensive to buy a little bottle of eye cream. But you may not know that addicting to alcohol is also the promoter of the eye wrinkles. Because ethanol ingredients in alcohol make the skin become dry, and there is no exception for the thinnest eye skin. Dryness is the important cause of fine lines, so if you want to look younger, you need to give up drinking.

Keep some lilies. Plants are the most natural air freshener, and some flowers are also good at the moisturizing. Lily could not only absorb the dust in the air and produce a certain degree of moisture, but also keep indoor air wet. The wet air could moisturize the eye skin and reduce the fine lines.

Just observe the above principles, and I am sure you will have good result in eye skin care.

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