Skin aging and diet

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By newest researches nutrition and diet affect aging more than our genetics. Researches as well showing that the combination of topical anti-aging products and proper nutrition have more effects than either treatment solitary. The types of foods consumed have an effect on the degree of skin wrinkling with more destruction seen in persons with a elevated intake of meat, dairy and butter. Foods that had a protecting effect next to skin wrinkling include vegetables, legumes, olive oil, tea, prunes , apples substantial reduce skin aging.

Food with high (Glycemic Index) GI and saturated fats seem to bear the most significant pro-wrinkling effect. Due to their higher saturated fat content meat, dairy and butter can intensify skin inflammation and direct to quicker skin aging. In addition a excessive sugar intake is moreover associated with greater skin wrinkling. Simple sugar has a pro-inflammatory effect but it furthermore promotes the production of advanced glycosylation end products . A combination of a high antioxidant diet and low sugar reduces inflammation, free radical destruction and glycosylation end products in the body.

Food with anti aging effect: Mono-unsaturated fat including those from olive oil and olives, Nuts and legumes, Vegetables, Fish (especially greasy fish), Low fat milk and milk products, such as yogurt, Wholegrain cereals, Fruit and fruit products (especially prunes, cherries and apples), Eggs, Tea and Water.

Food with aging effect: Saturated fat (including butter), Trans fats (including margarine), Meat (especially red meat), Refined carbohydrates and sugars such as cakes, pastries and desserts, Soft drinks and cordials, Packaged cereals.

Some other nutritiens as well show anti aging effects. Antioxidant nutrients such as vitamins C and E, as well as lipoic acid and flavonoids have defensive effect versus oxidative proceses in the skin. Especially from the oxidative damage caused by the sun. Research into oral proanthocyanidins flavanoids from grapeseed extract has shown they both have a important protecting effect on the collagen matrix of the skin and capillaries. They perform by dropping capillary fragility and inhibiting collagen, hyaluronic acid and elastin breakdown. Both substances as well have an anti-inflammatory effect and can make better peripheral circulation.

In conclusion , food together with skin supplements grant greatest effect on supression of skin aging.

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