Six Reasons to Check Out the Formax FD 8200CC Cross-Cut Paper Shredder

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The Formax FD 8200CC proves once again that great things can come in small packages. Offering a Level 4 cross cut, the FD 8200CC gives you remarkable security and convenience in a shredder about the size of a wastebasket. Here are some of the great reasons that, if you are looking for a small desk side shredder with some impressive capabilities, you should check out the FD 8200CC today.

  1. Security. With theFD 8200CC, you get a high level of document security in a small package. This machine gives you cross cut Level 4 Security shredding with a particle size of 1/16" by one half inch. In real world terms, this means that the FD 8200CC offers a higher security level than is required by recent federal laws that were enacted to help stem the rising tide of ID theft and other forms of consumer fraud. There is no better, more convenient way for you to ensure that your confidential information never falls into the wrong hands than having the FD 8200CC right there, desk side, ready to use whenever you need it.
  2. Easy to Use. The FD 8200CC features a standby mode and optical sensors which enable you to simply place your documents into the feed opening and let the machine go to work. The shredder will detect when there are papers to be shred, and the motor automatically starts up and then stops when the shredding job is done, saving you time and effort. The feed opening of 8.7 inches will accommodate most all of the common paper sizes.
  3. Powerful. The FD 8200CC is a mean little machine that can shred up to 5 sheets of paper at a time. The motor runs at a clip of 16 feet per minute and operates cutting heads that are made of 100% solid, heat-tempered steel. The cutting heads are specially engineered to make maintenance a breeze and are guaranteed for the life of the shredder. They can also chew through staples and paper clips without a problem, so you won't have to waste any of your precious time removing them from your documents before you do your shredding.
  4. Safe. When it comes to your personal safety, the FD 8200CC has you covered. When the waste bin becomes too full for the shredder to operate in a safe manner, the FD 8200CC will let you know with an indicator light, and will halt operation of the motor until you empty the bin. The motor also shuts off automatically when the bin door is opened for any reason.
  5. Won't Overheat. Overheating can be a problem with shredders of any size, but the FD 8200CC features thermal overload protection. What this means is that if the motor of the FD 8200CC senses that it is being overworked, it will shut itself off for a cooling off period, saving you from damaging the motor and/or an inconvenient service call.
  6. Easy to Empty. The 6-gallon waste bin of the FD 8200CC slides right out for easy disposal, and can be lined with a plastic bag to make the process easier still.

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