Sinigang na Manok second the best

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Because I started composing a very healthy and helpful tips and recipes made only from Philippines which makes many different types of dishes, what I’m going to do today is to continue create more about this healthy and beneficial stuff. You may think whatever you want for this stuff but it will surely benefit us. I started it with a chicken recipe so called tinola, so I will just increase my recipe creations that chicken will be involved. Now, do you know about the so called “Sinigang na Manok” by the Filipino country men? Well this is the second to the best chicken recipe for me, I don’t know what others think but it is really one of the best things we have here in the Philippines. Having a very good quality of food/dishes, so again, you should try it. So, what do we need then?


Chicken, quartered till it’s cube-sized
½ cup of tomatoes, sliced or quartered
¼ cup onion, sliced
radish, chop
1 tablespoon of salt or patis, to add some flavoring
green beans, quartered or sliced

broccoli / spinach / collard greens, you can choose either which of those three leafy vegetables to use
lemon juice, (optional)

How to cook:
First, start boiling water on your saucepan of frying pan, sometimes I use frying pan because we have a bit round and deep type of it. Just make sure you estimate the right and exact amount you desired for cooking. Then after heating the water, add the tomatoes and sliced onion into it. Hold-up for about 2-3 minutes then next to add is your meat for food; thereafter simmer it for 10-15 minutes. Also make sure it is well-cooked and then it’s now time to add the radish, simmer again and wait for until 3-5 minutes. And then add salt or patis. After that, add now your selected leafy vegetable, and the one you choose, whether its broccoli or spinach or collard greens, will definitely makes sense. Don’t mind what you choose among those because just like what I’m always saying. Vegetables are healthy; they just differ on the nutrients they are supplementing to our body. But since I started the writing about it, let me share what I prefer to use amongst, we call it petchay here in our country. Then after simmering it for 2 minutes, it’s now ready to serve. Enjoy

Now let me explain to you guys what are the nutrients that we can get from eating those vegetables I listed. First is the broccoli, are you aware that it is has 3% vitamin A that helps our retina to stabilize its retinal to gather enough light-source for our eyes. With vitamin B6 also that helps our protein metabolism generate in normal rate. Next is the spinach, honestly speaking, at first I don’t really know what are this leafy vegetable can provide regarding health issues. But I search for facts about this plant and find out that it contains 52% vitamin A, 52% beta carotene, rich in vitamin C, E, K, also Iron and Calcium supplements. And lastly, the collard greens are also rich in vitamin A, C, K, and Calcium. But of course that still depend on you, on whatever you want to use in your dish.

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