Single on Valentines Day

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Just because you are single you don't have to feel lonely on Valentine's Day.In India celebrating Valentine's Day is a fairly recent phenomenon, but one that seems to have caught the fancy of the young and the old alike.
There is a lot of hype about V-Day with stores decorated, special programs on TV, events taking place around the city and so on.
What about those of us who are single? With all this hype for V-Day some singles actually get depressed about not having a partner several days before Valentine's Day when they see stores decorated with candies, chocolates and flowers.
But who says V-day is only for couples? Defy Cupid this V-Day by indulging in these solo pursuits, and enjoy yourself!
Just because you are single doesn't mean that you have to be alone on this day which is celebrated for love. Round up a few of your single friends and enjoy! Go to your favorite restaurant or bar or throw a party at home.
Invite your single friends over for an evening of food and fun. You could make it a theme party, for instance you could suggest that everyone wears pink for the party or black if you have caught the ‘Singles Awareness Day' (SAD) bug. Play some great peppy music in the background to create the mood.

Whether it is Johnny Depp or Scarlett Johansson spend the evening with your celeb crush. Rent a handful of his or her movie DVD's and treat yourself to some eye-candy.
Since you are single and don't have to spend money buying a gift for someone else you might as well spend it on yourself. Give yourself some credit for how wonderful you are and treat yourself to something special or pamper yourself by going to the spa or doing something that you never had the chance to do before.
Buy yourself some flowers and arrange them in a vase in a place that will catch your eye, flowers really change the way a room looks and they are a great way to uplift your mood...
Remember that this day is meant to be a celebration of love. Take this as an opportunity to express your love and gratitude to all the people you love.

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