Simply Anti Aging - To Sauna Or Steam

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There is some confusion between the terms "steam bath" and "saunas". Saunas use a heater, have very low humidity and produce temperatures of a safe 80c and 100c. Saunas are usually wood lined and have wooden benches to relax on. They are insulated to retain the heat and there is no moisture damage to the outside structure.

Steam baths, on the other hand, are heated by a steam generator. The steam is fed into the almost airtight room where it builds up to create a humidity level of around 100%. They are usually finished in ceramic tile and the ceilings must be slanted so that steam buildup does not drip onto bathers.

You can purchase self-enclosed steam baths which can be easily installed in any bathroom. These cut down on construction and installation costs.

More conveniently, an alternative to a permanently installed facility is a portable steam bath or sauna. Either sets up quickly and doesn't need any special plumbing or electrical connections. You sit in the steam bath or sauna with your head and hands protruding from the unit. A portable steam requires some water be placed in the bottom, but the sauna uses Far Infrared as the heat source. Far Infrared is efficient and ideal for portable saunas.

You can easily take either with you on a business trip, weekend excursion or vacation. These portables also may be especially good alternatives for those individuals who experience claustrophobia in enclosed units, such as in the case of permanently installed steam baths or saunas.

Our lives are filled with stress which can be the root of many health problems. So relax and enjoy therapeutic benefits of soft and supple skin, good circulation, muscle tensions eased, better sleep, and increased feelings of well being.

So the question of which is better is simply your choice. Saunas and steam baths induce relaxation and calm, providing a great way to unwind at the end of a busy day.

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