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A simple blanket represents many things to different people. To a woman a print blanket may represent warmth. Or it may be a fashion statement for her. A frequent traveler often finds comfort and security in their throw. To a toddler a small print blanket may be a cherished companion representing security.

The warmth of a duvet provides security and the ability to adjust the thermostat lower. For the person with circulation issues or who constantly remains chilled, an electric variety should be considered. A coverlet with sleeves is available that is worn like a blouse for lounging around the house. Additionally print blankets in a variety of patterns are often used to enhance the décor of a room. A beloved print blanket offers portability. Portability could be important to the woman whose spouse is not very fond of their choice of prints.

An individual on the road may find a welcome traveling companion in their blanket. Experts recommend carrying an extra comforter in your vehicle during winter months in case of a mishap while traveling. This one item could help ensure your survival in a snow storm. Reminiscent of home, the comfort and security of a print blanket may enhance the road trip experience of a frequent traveler. A familiar blanket may help calm a child during a hectic road trip. A weary older child may fall asleep faster on a road trip if familiar items such as a coverlet and pillow from home are available.

Print blankets have many varied uses and are available from baby bed to king bed sizes. Wool, velour, polyester, down and bamboo are just a few of the available materials. Quilts are often considered to be a cherished family heirloom. For other family member, the same quilt may be just a ground covering for summer picnics. Horse coverlets are used to hasten the growth of a shaggy winter coast of hair and to protect the animal against saddle chafing. National disasters invoke an emergency call for many necessities. Comforters and throws are usually on top of the list. Even the armed forces issue throws as part of their basic gear for extended trips. A sleeping bag on a camping trip can be much more comfortable with an added duvet.

Whether you choose a lightweight style to take the chill off the evening or a down filled comforter, print blankets should be an essential part of every household. The best part is that your personal tastes are part of the fashion statement you make with your choice of colors and prints.

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