Simple Weight Loss Diet Plan - The Calorie Shifting Diet

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Are you looking for a simple weight loss diet plan? There are many approaches to weight loss. There are diets out there that are based on reducing calories. There are diets out there that are based on reducing fat. There are diets out there that are based on reducing carbohydrates. What do Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, and the Atkins diet all have in common? Each one of these types of diets all have one thing in common:

They all require you to cut back on something. Each diet plan has its own merits and can yield tangible weight loss results over time, yet because each of the diets requires you to sacrifice, many people end up throwing in the towel because the magnitude of the short-term sacrifice required is not worth the long-term benefits, not to mention the fact that these diets are not intended to work well as lifetime choices.

One alternative to these reduction diets is what is known as The Calorie-Shifting diet. The emphasis of this highly effective yet simple weight loss diet plan is on changing what you eat when, not how much you eat. This simple diet plan allows you to eat comfortably from each of the food groups for four meals a day. The difference is that you may only eat certain types of foods at certain times of the day. Your menu also varies on a daily basis.

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In so doing, you are triggering a metabolic response from your body that results in rapid weight loss. You do not feel deprived of any foods. You feel satisfied as you eat. Plus you are eating a healthy balance of every food group.

The simplicity of the diet speaks for itself. Here are a few simple rules to follow the calorie shifting diet properly and thus achieve the rapid weight loss results you desire:

1. Eat as much food at each meal as you want from each of the four food groups until you feel satisfied.

2. Eat four full meals per day.

3. Shift your calories so that each meal contains only certain types of calories.

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