Simple Ways to Cure Diaper Rash

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One of the most common skin problems that every mother may encounter for their babies is diaper rash. It is important to keep the baby’s bottom clean and dry to prevent this type of skin problem. You can easily recognize it by having sore, rough and red skin. The IDD or irritant diaper dermatitis is the most common diaper rash that is easily acquire. It can be distinguished by having red skin, usually scales rounded on the surface. When the skin is already infected by bacteria and fungus, it can easily spread all over and most of time with swelling.

What are the normal causes of diaper rash? Soiled diaper that is left too long to baby’s skin is the common cause of skin irritation. If you don’t regularly change the diaper, the skin will be exposed to feces and urine. Keep in mind that diapers are made of plastics which prevents air circulation. Hence, it became the breeding ground for bacteria and fungi. Friction from diaper and other harsh chemicals can also aggravate the problem. Chemicals from baby soaps, shampoos, wipes and other baby care products can also cause diaper rash. Moreover, breastfeeding moms who are presently taking antibiotics can unintentionally have their babies to experience yeast infection. Antibiotics can kill even the helpful bacteria that help to prevent infections.

With proper care, it normally disappears after two to three days however if it is already serious it can last for several days. There are some remedies that you can try to treat diaper rash but using things that are natural is ideal for baby’s sensitive skin.

When changing diapers, gently clean the baby’s bottom and expose it to the air for seconds before putting the new one. By doing this, it would help the rashes stay dry and heal faster. If you apply some treatment, it is advisable to do this every time you change diapers. Remember to keep the baby’s bottom clean before applying anything to the area.

Most pediatricians recommend proper medications which you can use to ease the pain on baby’s skin. Make sure to use only natural, safe and organic products to ensure the baby’s skin will not be irritated or harm.

Health experts say that cornstarch keeps moisture from the skin and help to heal the rashes easily. Hence, it is ideal to use cornstarch to powder the baby’s bottom every time you change a messy diaper.

Aloe vera from aloe vera plant is also ideal to heal the sore skin. It is normally used to treat minor injuries and burns, and other medications. Therefore, putting it to the sore bottom will help the sore area heal faster. For extra protection, you can still apply cornstarch after putting aloe vera.

You may look on some products that won’t harsh the sensitive skin of your baby. There are wonder wipes that are organically made and clinically tested for your baby’s sensitive skin. These wonder wipes is normally biodegradable, bleach and paraben-free cleaning products that are guaranteed safe for daily use.

Babies have a very delicate and sensitive skin and the possibility of getting diaper rash are very high. However, using non toxic and organic baby products will help you in preventing this kind of skin problem that can cause pain to infants.

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