Simple Truth of Farming Gold in Northrend

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Want to experience a sure-fire way to farm gold in the World of Warcraft? Looking for a quality WoW Gold Guide that will cut to the chase and start delivering real results without the hypey sales pitch?

Farming gold in WoW all depends on what you're already good at and how you can leverage your own skills to make the maximum amount of gold with the least amount of effort.

For example, a jewelcrafter would find a lot of use out of a mining route guide outlining the best places to "farm saronite ore."

So What/Where Should You be Farming?

If you like slashing felboars or just gathering resources by mining or fishing you need to keep one crucial tip in mind. In order to make gold in WOTLK, you need to farm crafting mats such as herbs, ores, enchanting supplies and other similar items.

These "crafting mats" are in high demand and are selling like hotcakes throughout all servers. Even though there is a lot of competition, this is actually a GOOD thing, this means that there's hungry customers in that market and people are having success selling those items.

Similarly, if you use these crafting mats yourself, you can create some very valuable items that you can possibly sell for even MORE profit. Good examples of this are enchanting scrolls and Felsteel armor sets.

Depending on what profession your most skilled in, you're going to be able to find many new areas the farm and make your fortune in WoW. But since Northrend is a whole new can of worms you're going to need to know which areas are the most lucrative or you're going to sink straight to bottom.

After closely studying the various farming locations in Northrend, I've found that there are really only a few key places to farm and these places are going to help you get a boatload of cash with the least amount of effort...and let's face it, that's what we're all after (at least I know I am)

If you're looking to grind mobs to make your cash, then your best bet would be to head over to Wintergrasp. Here, you'll find Flame Revenants, if your faction has control over the keep. These guys usually drop at least one "crystallized fire" which can be sold for massive amounts of moolah when you start stockpiling them.

But wait there's more.

You will also find Tempest Revenants that drop crystallized air and Mature and Living Lashers, which drop crystallized life. I think you see where this is going...

...once you start getting into the "groove" of things you're going to be able to literally farm hundreds if not THOUSANDS of gold every day.

Important Tip: Flame Revenants have a very slow respawn timer and you're usually gunna have to wait 4-5 minutes. While you're waiting try and go after the other types of mobs I listed so you don't waste time waiting for respawn.

When you get to the Lashers, focus the majority of your efforts on the "Mature" ones as they have the highest drop rate for the crystallized life.

If you're just looking to gather resources, then you should definitely stop by Sholazar Basin. This area is chock full of Saronite & Titanium Ore, Icethorn & Lichbloom and even gas clouds.

You can even fish here as there are fishing spots. If you have the add-on "Routes" you're going to be able to exponentially increase your yield and decrease the amount of time you're scratching your head searching for those "tough to find" nodes. This add-on is easily available online, simply do a google search after finishing this article.

And there it is, these two zones are easily the most profitable farming areas in Northrend.

Personally, I think there's a huge amount of untapped gold in farming ores and herbs but I love pulverizing mobs to make my cash. In addition, I even PvP in Wintergrasp and commonly pass the time dominating scrubs trying to steal my gold:).

I'm basically having a blast and making money at the same time, that's something that really blew my mind and was convinced could never happen.

Furthermore, I've also written dozens of tried and true farming strategies on my blog that outline some cutting edge farming strategies that are really going to skyrocket your efforts in addition to this info, feel free to check out my blog for your "Free WoW Gold Guide"

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