Simple Costumes to Make Yourself

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Halloween or a costume party ask for the creation of costumes. You can purchase those from so many party stores that finding the costume of your dreams is no longer a difficult task. Still, store-bought costumes often look the same or feature some imperfections.

If you want to have something unique or if you have no time to go to the store, you can make the costume yourself.

Some people believe that making your own costume could be difficult and time consuming. It all depends on your skills and desire. Some astounding party costumes could be created effortlessly.

Whether you are making a costume for yourself or for your kid, you will be successful by following certain simple tips. You need to have fun. Use your imagination and unleash your creative potential to make amazing party costumes.

The Witch
The witch is a classical costume and one that is very easy to make.

Traditional witches are dressed in black. You can pick any clothes you have but a long skirt or a dress will do perfect. Try to find a pair of black gloves to create the perfect dark and mysterious outfit.

The witch hat is probably the most distinguishable item. One can be purchased from a store. You can otherwise utilize cardboard to make a simple and stylized witch hat. The broom is another item that you can make yourself or that you can purchase.

Your makeup will play an important role, as well. Dark eyes and dark lipstick will add to the mystery and attractiveness of the costume.

An Angel
An angel costume is easy to make, as well. The wings are the most difficult part of the outfit. You can make those in several ways.

Make the framework out of cardboard or wire. Next, stick feather, cotton or down to the frame that you have just designed. You will need to attach shoulder straps to the wings, so that you can wear them effortlessly. Another option is to get the wings stuck to your outfit.

Plain white clothes will do the trick, when you are trying to make an angel costume. Other items you can use include a halo and a harp.

Movie Characters
Turn yourself into a movie character. Such costumes will be very easy to make and will also be exceptionally recognizable.

Choose your favorite character. Is it going to be Superman? Or maybe you are a Harry Potter fan? Think of the most distinctive items and attributes that define these characters. Harry Potter is known for his glasses, magic wand and scar. Supermanís costume is probably one of the most recognizable costumes worldwide.

Puppies, Rabbits and Turtles
Animal costumes are easy to make, as well.

To become a puppy, you will need ears made out of plush and a fluffy tail. The nozzle can be made out of cardboard or you can paint your face to have a puppy nose.

Rabbits and turtle costumes are easy to make, as well. Have fun and experiment. Try to recreate your favorite animal. Remember that it can be stylized and simple. Going into details and trying to make the costume realistic could take away from its charm and appeal.

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