Similarities in the styles of Caucasian and African American Hair

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Caucasian hair and African American is obviously different.

But, the ways that they are different is almost kind of funny.

When a black women says that she is getting a perm, she means she is having all curl removed and is now going for the straight look.

Just the opposite for a white woman.

When a white women says that she is getting a perm, she is going for the curly look.

Washing hair:
White women will sometimes wash their hair everyday. If they do not then they get the "greasy, oily" look which most times tell onlookers that she is not washing her hair as often as she should.

Black women may only wash their hair weekly or bi-weekly and sometimes longer. They are not looking to wash their natural oils out of their hair as a white woman would.

Quite the contrary, black women want to have oils in their hair. And, if they do not have enough oils, they may purchase a "hair grease or oil" and manually apply it to their scalp to give the oil/shine appearance. If their hair becomes dry because of a lack of oils, they may get dandruff and an itchy scalp.


Both African American and Caucasian women have been having their hair braided/weaved for years unknown to all.

White women primarily as children, have worn their braids normally in the back of the hair or even one braid on each side of their hair with a part separating the braid down in the middle of their scalp.
The same goes for black children for the most part as far as wearing braids as a hairstyle.

But, today, both races wear braids, extensions and weaves for different purposes.

White women will wear extensions to give their hair a "more hair" look and feel. This applies to black women as well.

Bo Derek gave white women the permission (for lack of a better word) to start wearing braids as a hairstyle.

But, black women have been wearing braid extensions for years. They do it for more practical reasons. Having their hair braided with extensions allows their hair to take a rest from brushing and combing which allows for their own hair to grow naturally. They do it for hair loss to give the appearance of longer hair as their own hair starts to grow.

Both races use these hairstyles to look more beautiful.

We can ALL make a difference with a little thought process and drive.

Good luck to you all.

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