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Body : Every plan in UK has the locking period where a customers may not afford to get the desired mobile handset brand. Though there are offer like mobile upgrades when the consumer may upgrade the phone model or could get transfer to next but they are always inconvenient. Sim only deals or Sim free are the plans where user could purchase a SIM card which is compatible with every handset rather can be said that could be used with every mobile gadget brand and model. These provides the user to upgrade the mobile model of their choice whenever and wherever they want. Pay as you go and Contract bounds the customer between 12 to 24 months and does not allow the untimely upgrade as per the customer. Though they enables the user with lowest tariff rates and some time few free value added services also but Sim only does not bounds for any contract as well as it individual decision to choose and use handset.

Sim only contract are the same as pay as you or contract where the consumers gets the monthly statements but never locks the phone for that period. Sim only deals always provides a tension free environment. As per the survey maximum people especially business class people and professional who are constantly on move prefers a lot because of the freedom to choose any brands as per the financial requirement and wish. Youngster who believes in change loves such deals.

But it has been observed that maximum a-time users they gets confused when they approaches the mobile phones stores. Dealers always pitches the contract and pay as you avoiding Sim only. Except this all other bounds the customer for months. So login to online shopping portals to get the advantage of price comparison and deal information before going to nearest store.

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