Sim only – The ideal solution for freedom-seekers!

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Those who believe in the virtue of emancipation, find solace in Sim only offers. As a matter of fact, the very concept of 'Sim only' came into existence for those who resist long-term agreements. However, it is worth noticing that freedom is not the only temptation that attracts the users towards such offers. There are a lot more factors that act as driving forces and lure the consumers. Incentives that follow these deals act as propellants and add fuel to their ever-rising popularity. As a matter of fact, studies conducted in the recent past have shown that most of the people opt for such plans after taking into consideration, the worth of the stimuli involved. However, there is no official word on it.

Out of all the deals available, Sim Only deals are amongst the most widely availed ones. However, not many consumers are fully aware of the notion that is the backbone of this entire setup. Nevertheless, those who avail any of the available offers are provided with a small chip. This chip is known as a Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) Card and enacts the role of a connector. Simply put, if a user wishes to avail the services of a network provider, he/she would have to make use of this card to be able to do so. Using this chip is a child's play for all an individual needs to do is to insert it into the Mobile Phone being used.

Nevertheless, availing any of the offers calls for the fulfillment of certain requisites. First of all, the user needs to opt for a service provider. Orange, O2, T-Mobile, Vodafone, Three and most of the other key players offer these deals, so an individual has more than enough options to espouse from. Secondly, the user needs to make sure that he/she is willing to make a payment for a month's usage. Once both these requirements are catered to, an individual can go ahead and opt for an offer.

It is worth noticing that since these offers require the user to pay an amount that's equivalent to a month's usage, it is totally an individual's prerogative if he/she wishes to continue or not, once the time frame of 30 days ceases. However, if the consumer wishes to switch over and terminate the services of the existing provider, this too can be materialized. For availing this facility, the consumer needs to serve a notice period. In general, the duration of the notice period is 30 days, unless mentioned otherwise.

As mentioned earlier, Sim only deals have on offer, a plethora of allurements. Two of the preeminent incentives subsume cash back and half line rental. Those who get to grab the benefit of cash back are provided with some amount of money. As a general rule, they are asked to submit the original bill. Another prerequisite that they need to cater to is regarding the payment made. The amount for availing the facility should have been paid through direct debit. Similarly, those who get to lay their hands on half line rental are provided with some money by the merchant against the common misconception that it is the service provider who makes the payment.

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