Sim Free phones : Get the Flexibility at affordable cost

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There are primarily four kinds of deals offered by the networks these days. These are contract deals, pay as you go deals, Sim free deals and sim only deals. Basically what happens is that mobile manufacturing companies like Nokia, HTC, Apple, RIM, Samsung, LG, and many others bring out their handsets. There after the network companies like O2, Orange, Vodafone, Three, t-Mobile ,etc offer these handsets with their deals.

These deals are meant to promote their own services along with the latest handsets. All these deals have their own pros and cons. That way they are meant for specific classes of handset users. That way it can be said that the users who use contract mobile phones will not have any interest in having the sim free phones. In the same way those who need the services offered by Sim free phones will find those offered by pay as you phones as useless.

What it means is that there are users with variable needs and they need the services to cater to those needs. In this sequence the Sim Free Mobile Phones are needed by those who need a different level of freedom altogether. These handsets are meant for the mobile users are on move most of the times. In that case they just can not use the same network every time. So, the practical solution lies in the flexibility that allows them to change the network according to the place they are in. this is what Sim free mobile phones are meant for.

There are also Sim Only Deals. These deals are targeted towards the customers who do not want to change their handset that frequently. What they want is the services. That is why they just need the Sim card and nothing else. They can use whichever handset they want to, and get the Sim from the network provider. They are quite free to use the Sim whenever they feel like using them.

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