Silver Sol Benefits Users of All Ages

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Silver as a healing component has been used in various cultures all over the world. For centuries back in time, it was even used on the eyes of newborn children as a disinfectant. It has been used as a good luck and wellness charm for many people, demonstrated in the tossing of silver coin into bodies of water, the silver spoon tradition, and many more. However, silver is no longer regarded as merely a charm or superstitious aid. Scientists have actually proven that the antimicrobial and disinfecting powers of silver are true.

A silver solution benifits, Silver Sol contains 0.001% of elemental silver. This translates to about ten parts in a million with 99.999% water. The capabilities Silver Sol has of eradicating types of bacteria which resist even strong drugs have been repeatedly proven by laboratories. The solution is even able to keep the bacteria from replicating. Additionally, Silver Sol has earned exemplary results from being tested as a topical ointment, as well as multiple other benefits to the health and body.

Silver Sol is an innovative solution since it is capable of working without producing any negative side effects at all. It is also proven to work almost like magic on medical conditions related to or resulting from bacterial infection. Silver Sol can even be used to prevent bacterial infection when the user will be traveling to a place wherein they will be at risk to contract disease. The most recent time an elemental silver solution was patented happened during the 1920s. However, thanks in part to the innovations taken up by Silver Sol, the solution has recently been patented in the United States.

Some of the bacteria Silver Sol benifits is they are capable of eradicating include the MRSA virus, which strongly resists drugs and is very concerning. The solution can also effectively terminate bacteria like Haemophilus influenzae, Escheria coli, Enterobacter aerogenes, and more. Silver Sol has been shown to be completely successful in eradicating every kind of dangerous pathogen it is tested with, according to Brigham Young University's Dr. Ron Leavitt.

Many people have expressed concern about whether or not the silver is capable of killing healthy, natural bacteria like Lactobacillus along with the dangerous ones. However, Silver Sol has been rigorously tested for this failing on many occasions. Silver Sol consistently shows no damage done to such healthy bacteria. According to its patent, Silver Sol is non-cytotoxic and and prevents DNA polymerase. The solution's antiviral properties make it extremely efficient in dealing with bacterial infections of nearly any kind, in nearly any type of person. In addition to this, it may also be used in conjunction with antibiotic medication with perfect safety.

Silver Sol benefits humans in many ways.It is one of the only solutions of its kind to offer such health-giving benefits. Many users have found success in fighting bacteria with its antiviral properties. The solution's benefits can be enjoyed by anyone who suffers from infection or wishes to prevent one.

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