Side effects of laser hair removal

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A look at the side effects of laser hair removal

Although there is no doubt that laser hair removal therapy is the best method to get rid of unwanted body hairs, but at the same time there are some areas of concern. Users can witness some side effects of laser hair removal therapy. Most of the times people overlook these side effects in view of better result than other traditional methods like waxing, tweetzing, bleaching, epilators and chemical depilatories. After all we have to address equally to the side effects in order to reduce the inconvenience found after the laser procedure. One has to be aware of the potential side effects rendered by the laser hair treatment. Some of the possible side effects are as below:

Skin problem:
There are some concerns about the side effects on the skin or better known as laser scars. Initially, there were many such concerns in the nascent stages, especially with the people with tanned skin. The advancement in the laser hair removal devices has promised to give less side effects and in the coming years you might see reduced number of such cases.

Skin blistering problem:
Since laser is a source of heat, many people have fears regarding skin blistering problem. The introduction of new and efficient cooling devices has given an appropriate answer to this problem. Now there are very less number of such cases and people have become aware of the advancement of the technology. The procedure of tissue cooling becomes easy when it comes to the contact of chill tip or freezing spray. So it would safeguard the dermis from the excessive thermal and help to maintain the beauty of skin.
Discolouration of tattoo:
Those who have tattoos on the body parts where lasers hair removal has to be performed can possibly find it darkening on those areas. The dark spot cannot be denied but the consultation of the physician is recommended to avoid this problem.

Softening of skin:
The case of softening and crimsoning of the dermis is quite common in the laser therapy especially on the upper lip and pubic area. Though this is not a grave concern as after some days you can regain that beauty of skin. Now laser hair removal clinics have been equipped with the advanced equipments that do not render any such dent to the skin.

Apart from above these, there are some more minor side effects of laser hair removal technology such as hypopigmentation or hyperpigmentation, discolouration, reticulate, erythmea, inflammation and swelling of the uvea etc. But these problems are not of high intensity that cannot be treated easily.

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