Side effects and after care of colored hair

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Hair color has become a common phenomenon. But what keeps on disturbing us is the safety side of hair color.

What are the side effects of hair color?
To say about the side effects of hair color we have to say that proper guidance and after care do not affect your hair. So, it has no big side effects as it is thought. But, you should test or check whether you have an allergic reaction to the color you want to do. Never forget to do a patch test to see if you have any problem 24-48 hours before the process. You should also check your hair's porosity and elasticity because on this criterion the life of hair color depends.

Types of hair color:
There are three types of hair colors. Temporary hair colors, semi permanent colors and permanent colors. Duration and hair type determine which color will suits better. Temporary hair colors are the colors, which fade easily. It is basically light fashion colors. Within one month one shampoo can erase the color. For any party or special occasion light temporary hair color can be used.

Semi permanent hair colors last up to 4-5 shampoos. This type of hair colors usually used for coloring up hair because it lasts for a perfect time period. But, for coloring grey hairs you should use permanent hair colors. They help you to change the grey color and will make it normal looking hair with desired color. It is comparatively strong and durable.

How to maintain your hair color and hair?
Temporary colors fade easily. So, they need a regular touch up and rinse. Color like wine red fades within one month and this type of hair color is easy to remove. So, regular touch up and rinse is important to maintain these colors. For grey hairs permanent hair colors need a touch up once in 20 days but it varies from man to man. Generally hair grows 1/2"-3/4" every month. So, redo your color if it fades away when ever it is necessary. Semi permanent hair color has mild effect. So, it is advised to apply this hair color for general use. Hair color should not be drastically different from your normal hair because it does not look good everywhere. But, if you want that kind of look then go for it and rinse every six months.

Always use shampoo and conditioner, which are exclusively recommended for colored hair because they increase the life of hair colors. To protect hair do not expose your hair in sun, dust, chlorine and sea immediate after the coloring.

Hair color styles:
Color the whole hair with some light or dark color is very normal. Hairdressers usually tell customers to choose color, which fit their hair type and hair cut. Fair complexioned should choose bright color and dark complexioned choose light color. Now highlights and lowlights have been also popular. Coloring some portion with darker color comparing the existing hair color or with some lighter color is also very trendy. Apart from this multidimensional hair color can be done. Some demanding hair colors are blond, shades of bronze and brown.

Hair colors are not harmful but it is true it contains some chemicals and they are surely not good for hair texture and hair follicles. So, consult your beautician and color your hair.

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