Shutter Island movie review

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Leonardo DiCaprio and Mark Ruffalo are two of the Marshalls are sent to the island Shutter Iceland in order to find an escaped patient.
Shutter Iceland is no ordinary asylum, it is a homicidal lunatic asylum for criminals. Therefore, the island resembles a maximum security prison, with high walls, an infinite number of guards and electric fence.
Then as the two explain the disappearance of the patient, they find confusing inconsistencies. How should it have escaped from a locked room and outside it still barefoot? And what he says from mysterious note that was found in her cell?
More and more questions arise and the two main characters appear more and more into the secrets.
These have added the hurricane passing over the island and devastated everything.

Next to the story I want to say anything, because otherwise I would tell certain things. And in such films, it is simply better, they even look and find out for yourself, that does the most fun.
Even if I was not the end so surprised, as I have heard from others. I've thought about something like. But then thought that there was again a twist. However, the end makes me unhappy so far that I will probably get me the book: D

Martin Scorsese has, in my opinion, again did a great job. The flashbacks, dream sequences and simply wonderful memories have been incorporated into the film. The scene in which DiCaprio is back in his apartment and breaks his wife (Michelle Williams) in his arms to compositional ash is simply wonderful. The frame and the choice of the sets are simply awesome. You notice exactly when is it a dream, for the surreal is really wonderful advantage.
Even when running the very disturbing scene with the children and the lake, you will still drawn into the maelstrom of emotions, although the fact was a much better known. But by DiCaprio's acting performance you can feel your pain with properly.

As mentioned DiCaprio shows a really good performance. He can definitely there. Ben Kingsley is anyway good, that can not be denied. Who has disappointed me was Mark Ruffalo. I know him from "My Life Without Me" and then I have him I think only perceived unconsciously. But here he plays everything so emotionless, hopeless ... I mean, yes, in the end we know why, but it is generally like the little stupid Depp on duty, therefore, stands only next to it and "Yes Boss" says.

Michelle Williams was against it okay. I had always thought of her painful loss because of Heath Ledger and that they can do in spite of all these films.

All in all, I found Shutter Island very appealing. It is exciting without end, it really holds its breath and frightened in the next second most wicked again. Man with puzzled and yet the end totally surprised by the whole resolution - yes, even if you are something like thought of that.
Unfortunately, such a film only works the first time really well. The second time, we will search for signs already, can explain the the end (and in retrospect I also noticed one, and the scene where the two marshals must hand in their weapons and Ruffalo obvious problems with it, the holster from the belt abzubekommen ...). But I think a third time, the voltage should be gone.
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