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Right now, sitting in another bohemian cafe, slouched on a well used vintage fabric sofa with an endless amount of tea, I have found myself with everyone's life long friend - the Internet. Like most students, I am meant to be doing research for the start of university, but my little arrow man has found more blogs to suck me into. For me, there is nothing better than seeing articles, blogs and sites covered in pretty, maybe shiny things! What more could a creative minded person what to see, if they cant put their hand through a screen and fondle the yummy looking things?
A couple of days ago, the magic from word of mouth, whispered some lovely words in my ear, saying that a few of our friends in Nottingham had been handed a slice of rare vintage wallpaper, an everyday occurrence right? Wrong! This was a business card for online shop, entitled Spinster's Emporium. At first glance I thought it could be a retirement knitting group or a bitter women's knitter natter, but while I'm in this cafe, about to get out another round of tea, the vintage wallpaper slipped upon me and I thought "why not? Let's have a browse"

Its not a knitter natter for bitter women, but a quirky site that's enough to make anyone get splashed with the wave of creativity, or just look goggled eyed at the mass of color and illustration. I personally, am a sucker for any fabric that is unique. Material Girl has a collection of wonders and wooers of texture, color and print; and it appears, to people around me - that I'm stroking the screen?! It literally brings a super cheesy, giant grin to my face when I see a site for vintage produce that isn't dull! Internet, my friend, today you have done well.
I have a relaxed attitude to fashion, but it seems silly in this "make do and mend" revival that we're having at the moment, to buy clothes, why not be crazy and make them? The fabric on this website screams luxury, from the rich colors and textures, that now, I really want to make a beautiful gown or cocktail dress. One thing that always seems impressive about hand picked fabrics is the distinctive prints. Since starting university, an overwhelming desire have leeched upon me, that the cut is important, but the print in like gold.

I'm going to be quite honest with you, when browsing my eye picks up only a slight percentage of things, like a radar, and when finding something intriguing, it's like my eyes come out of my head. Strong color and design is up on a pedestal for me, and 1980's good fabric is one of them. Some girls like lovely, shiny things, I love 1980's jazzy patterns one off patterns. There's floral fabrics of all kinds, brocade beauties, cotton cuddles, and it seems like more things are about to come along. Its exciting that old fabric is still new and fashion forward, that a fabric pattern and fabric quality that limit can be seen over and over. And it's yours, just yours when you buy! Bloody Marvelous!
Have you ever thought to yourself, how many floral prints are out there, no no I rephrase - how many strong, good quality floral fabrics are out there? They are so brilliant that each season they never go away, mother nature must be on her high horse about us having her blossoms over our bodies. Floral fabrics seem to be the staple for every generation, my grandma may even be wearing the same dress and me and looking a million times better, but thats life, that is a good print.
Well, that was a good venture wasn't it? The next step, is.... Oh! There is so much I want to look at, Spin Us a Yarn? Trim and Proper? Cut and Paste? Just the names are an exciting development on fabric, yarn and vintage wallpaper, not even mentioning the little illustrations that dance around the titles. The next adventure for me is Button It! Who doesn't want to look at exciting buttons in all colors, shapes, sizes, materials, and textures. Oh, my mouth is watering. Button's here I come! Go on the adventure yourself, , I promise your little arrow will be having a field time, and your eyes will be like bugs bunny seeing Jessica rabbit. has a versatile collection of Vintage fabrics, retro fabrics and other collectible textiles. The website also acquaints vintage material, vintage ribbon, and Vintage buttons along with an updated collection of vintage patterns like apron patterns, clothing patterns, lace dresses, vintage laces and other collectibles. You can also check out their affordable range of craft kits, craft supplies and sewing kits.

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