Should You Remove Your Breast Implants Before Getting Pregnant?

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Today women of all ages receive breast augmentation surgery. Some do it at a mature age, while others decide to have breast implants at a rather young age. In the latter case young women often wonder whether or not they need to get the implants removed in case of pregnancy. The answer is – in most cases there is no such need unless you have any complications.

Nowadays breast implants are rather solid and stable, especially when compared to the ones that were used a decade ago. They come in a soft shell that in most cases does not react to the body. The silicone or saline stays inside it. Even if the shell leaks for some reason, it typically poses no danger to the woman or her baby.

It is natural for breasts to get larger during pregnancy but this does not involve breast implants at all as nothing inside the shell changes in size or shape.

After the baby is born, the woman’s chest often changes its shape, but those women who have undergone breast surgery, do not detect such changes in them after pregnancy. This might indicate that the breast implant helps to keep the chest’s desired shape due to the soft but durable shell.

If you are planning to breastfeed your baby, you should tell your breast augmentation surgeon about this beforehand. Though it might seem evident that after undergoing a breast augmentation surgery, a woman cannot breastfeed her baby, most women find that they can breastfeed after the operation. The fact is that as long as your nipples stay attached to the tissue, it is usually possible to do so since your nerves and milk ducts are still being severed. If your surgeon is informed about your plan, he/she will not detach the nipples. However, you should realize that breast implant surgery may bring up problems with breastfeeding, so do not do it if you cannot handle the possibility of not breastfeeding.

Due to the tremendous improvements in breast implant surgery techniques, the effects of pregnancy on breast implants have significantly reduced.

If you are planning on getting pregnant in the nearest future, but want to get breast augmentation surgery before it, schedule a free medical consultation and have a detailed talk with your surgeon to ensure that you both have the same post-surgical expectations.

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