Should you get the BlackBerry Curve 8520?

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The short answer, yes. The long answer? Well, that most definitely depends on the different criteria you are considering. The first three questions to ask are this: have you ever owned a BlackBerry before? Did you like it? Can you afford a different model?
If your answer was yes to those it is probably advisable to move onto a more advanced product in the BlackBerry family. The BlackBerry Curve 8520 is mobile manufacturer RIMís introductory model and is aimed at the new user and the money-constrained. In no way does this mean that the 8520 is a substandard phone; it is simply aimed at those who are on a budget or have never used a BlackBerry before.
If you fall into either of those two categories then this is the mobile for you. The 8520 provides the great features that have come to be synonymous with the Blackberry brand on a low price pay monthly contract. Of course included is the legendary, ultra-responsive QWERTY keyboard to help you type SMS, MMS, instant messages and emails at blazing fast speeds. Replacing the clunky old track ball is the sleek new track pad which is sensitive to your touch and wonít wear out like the ball on previous Curve models. Also iconic is the slim BlackBerry design and shape, here given some added protection by a rubber border to soften the blow when you will ultimately drop it a few times.

If social media is what your heart desires, the 8520 comes loaded with a host of apps along with more offered in the BlackBerry store. If you need some email to accompany your Tweets and Facebook updates, you can set up as many as ten accounts on the Curve and enable push capabilities to message you when a new email is received.
Google Maps look great on the 320x240 pixel screen, along with pictures and videos, which you can stream on your handset via WiFi. A 2 megapixelstill camera is included along with video shooting capabilities, and the media player is straightforward and simple, allowing you to groove to your heartís content through the 3.5 mm audio jack.
The 8520 is a solid choice for someone looking for a low cost pay as you go mobile phone, it is a great introduction to the wonderful world of BlackBerry, and provides the user with great media options to keep plugged into the wider world. While it is probably not the best option for the advanced BlackBerry user, it is perfect for someone looking to dip their feet into the smartphone world.

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