Should you get emerald cut engagement rings?

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When it comes to shopping for engagement rings, the couples today are faced with many options. From the classic round diamond shape all the way to the diamond emerald cut engagement rings. The emerald cut is a very queue and specific cut that also holds its own set of rules you should be aware of if you are considering getting these rings. As the name suggests, the cut was first designed to emphasize the beauty of the emerald gemstone but today you can easily find the emerald cut on the diamonds as well.

These diamond emerald cut engagement rings are very popular as they have a different shape and feel than the round diamonds. Even the light and coloring of the ring will be a lot more sustained and prolonged compared to the bight and sparkling flash of the round diamond. Because of this itís very important that you are extra picky about the color of your diamond as the long facets that the emerald cut has will only emphasize the color and clarity of the diamond instead of hiding it. By now you would probably guess that diamond emerald cut engagement rings will cost more than the round ones, but you would be wrong. It turns out that emerald cut is one of the more affordable ones if you are comparing them carat to carat.

One more huge advantage of the emerald cut engagement rings is that the corners are cut and you will not experience any durability issues with the stone. Normally rectangular shaped cuts are prone to cracking and chipping but emerald cut has this taken care off. The beauty and unique of this cut has many lovers who know and appreciate the differ look and feel of the diamond in these emerald cut engagement rings.

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