Should You be Considering Underfloor Heating, Yorkshire?

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There is nothing worse than suffering from permanently cold feet. It can be a particular problem in the north of the country, where the cold wind can be really biting. Those who cannot seem to maintain a decent temperature might need to consider looking for a business that provides underfloor heating Yorkshire homeowners can rely on.

Those who are more accustomed to traditional heating systems may wonder what might be the advantages of underfloor heating – Yorkshire has plenty of other heating companies, after all. It is merely a form of central heating, which seeks to achieve indoor climate control for thermal comfort by using conduction, radiation and convection. You may have heard the term ‘radiant heating’ to describe this sort of system, and this is because radiation accounts for a large percentage of the thermal comfort that it creates. (In fact, though, this term is only technically correct when radiation is responsible for more than half the heat exchanged between the floor and the rest of the space.)

Many people think of underfloor heating as a fairly new concept, as it is often a feature of modern houses, but it has a very long history, dating back to the Neoglacial and Neolithic periods. This has been proven by evidence from archeological digs. For example, digs in Asia and Alaska revealed how the inhabitants of ancient civilisations there drafted smoke from fires through stone-covered trenches which were excavated in the floors of their subterranean dwellings. The hot smoke heated the floor stones which then radiated into the living spaces. These rather primitive forms of underfloor heating eventually evolved into modern systems with fluid filled pipes or electrical cables.

If you are thinking of installing underfloor heating Yorkshireunderfloor heating in Yorkshire, it may be interesting to understand not only its history but also a little bit about how it works. Underfloor heating systems these days use one of two methods. They can be fuelled by electrical resistance elements or fluid flowing in pipes. These are referred to as ‘electric systems’ and ‘hydronic systems’ respectively. For those who do not feel the need for this kind of heating provision throughout their building, either type can be installed as a localized floor heating for thermal comfort. Alternatively, if you live somewhere with a fairly low average temperature like Yorkshire, underfloor heating may be better as a primary, whole-building system. Electronic or hydronic systems are also suited to melting snow and ice, conditioning for sports fields and frost prevention in freezers and skating rinks.

Electric heating elements or hydronic piping can be cast in a concrete floor slab, or placed under the floor covering. These variations are referred to as ‘wet systems’ and ‘dry systems’ respectively. In commercial building design, underfloor heating can take advantage of thermal mass, which is heated or cooled off during peak hours when utility rates are lower. The heating and cooling system can be turned off during the day, allowing the concrete mass and room temperature to drift up or down within the desired comfort range.

For underfloor heating Yorkshire companies may indeed be worth considering if the heating system in your home never quite seems to do the job. An understanding of the mechanics and history of the technique may go some way towards persuading you that this ancient technique really does have many benefits. The luxury of entering your home, kicking off your shoes and feeling the warm touch of your kitchen floor is a luxury that some might call priceless, and one that you won’t want to give up. Your home will quickly become the envy of all your friends.

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