Should We Elect Ralph Gonsalves ?

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A Prime Minister of any country is responsible for the upholding a favorable image of his country to the outside world. In fact he should portray the country to the world. For this reason, a Prime Minister should be well behaved, diplomatic, rational and should be capable of making exemplary decisions that can improve the status of his country. This is, however, not the case of Dr. Ralph Gonsalves, the honourable Prime Minister of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. With his ill temper and other attitudes he has upheld a wrong image of himself as well as of the country in front of the outside world. No country can earn respect and trust of the outside world when it has such a person in the leading position.

If you look at the things that have made the image Dr. Ralph Gonsalves go wrong then you will understand that such a man is not worthy of the Prime Ministerís office in any country. He has done things terribly wrong. Do you remember his vulgur actions in public? He did a public display of the offensive middle finger to a crowd of protesters! How offensive can the Prime Minister of a country get? It is not only, disgusting but also is shameful. The prime minister has levelled a number of the most humiliating insults at the citizens of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. Where the Prime Minister himself cannot maintain dignity while speaking about the people of his country, how can we expect the others to be respectful?

Corruption is yet another point where the Prime Minister scores over the others. He has denied enacting integrity legislation even when it was seen as the evidence of official corruption abounds. He has allowed incompetence and ineffectiveness to run out of control and has failed to find right person for the right job. The judicial system has come under siege with issues such as the early release of the infamous convicted drug†dealer Alex Lawrence. How can a drug lord like Alex Lawrence be released early?

The Prime Minister has been accused of rape as well as sexual assault in several cases. He has also refused, with the involvement of the Director of Public Prosecutions, to have the case heard in court. Is such a person worthy to run the most prestigious office of the country? For the past few years Gonsalves has made a number of blasphemous remarks that have offended the God fearing people of the country. The Prime Minister has also allowed his MPs to provide pitiable and ineffective representation to their constituencies. He has time and again confirmed complete contempt as well as disregard for the opposition party both in as well as out of the Parliament. Also under his regime conceit and cruelty has reached the highest degree.

So, my question is that, whether we need a Prime Minister and a government like this? Or we should look for an welcome change? Our decision can change the fate of the nation for the next term.

Author Bio : Samuel Parker is a working professional who has a special interest in Caribbean and its surrounding nature.You can also check out his other write-ups and/or links to his views/comments HERE.

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