Should I stay and do a few minor reapirs and updates or sell and buy a new home?

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What do you do when faced with spending hard earned money to repair and improve on the house that may be your first house you ever purchased. The house that you saw your Son take his first steps the house where your daughter took her prom pictures the place that you called home for so many years. Or should you buy a new house in a new area or city? One major question you have to ask is can I afford it and does it make sense. If you can answer yes to that question then there are some other small details that come into play. The first is where you can find a good and reputable contractor this no simple task finding someone who does what they say they are going to do and who is going to do what you agree to do is what you must research. Thank goodness for Google and other search engines on line that is one avenue to use if you do not own a computer you can use your local library to perform your research all it takes is a library card.

First once you find a contractor is to check out all the references call and ask how they liked the work ask if you can take a look at the work that was done and how they did the work was it timely? Next is to have a good Idea of what type of improvements you would like to have done do you want to update from linoleum to travertine or some other type of tile flooring or have you considered wood floors or perhaps bamboo what about concrete floors? Another minor update is paint there are a hundred different paints on the market today and there are colors to make colors they can mix and match and what a lot of people don't realize that if you are on a budget on certain days of the week paint stores and home depot and Lowe's have what are called bring backs these are paint cans that where purchased but for one reason or another the people who bought the paint didn't need it or didn't like the color so they bring it back and it is sold at five dollars a can so if you are on a budget this can save you a few dollars.

The next thing is fixtures light fixtures sconces ceiling fans and various faucets there are wholesale websites on the INTERNET that offer all types of deals on these items that can also save you a few bucks. These are a few ideas to help you decide if it is more beneficial to repair or to move and buy a new house remember home is where your heart is so if home is where you have memories and good thoughts sometime it can be financially and personally beneficial to stay and do a little at a time to update repaint and lay down some new flooring and buy a few fixtures than it is to move and buy a new home.

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