Shopping for Golf Equipment

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For most of the amateur golfers, the pro shops are nothing more than an adult equivalent candy store. In recent few years the market has developed manifolds. Golf is a sport that involve so many tools that hardly any other sport involve. Different sort of clubs are there for different type of players, i.e. from novice to professionals.

The complexity of the playing equipment is increasing day by day. Every new entry in the market is far more superficial in their designs for most of the players. Mostly players buy specific club because Nick Faldo or any other superstar plays it, ignoring the fact that having that particular club is just not enough, you have to see your playing partner build, golf swing and other such factors as well. Unfortunately, there are very few people who understand their requirements and buy equipment accordingly.

Each and every golfer has different sort of skills and techniques and is therefore, require equipment accordingly. For instance, if we talk about clubs, there are in general no set of clubs which is considered as the best. Equipment may be better in quality but its physicality depends upon the player. One particular might be effective for me, but the same club may not be handy for you.

Remember, a club is always designed for somebody, not for everyone. For a particular piece of equipment, a club maker is given specified specifications and requirements, which he than create on the drawing board. This clearly shows that a particular set of clubs is made for low handicappers or for high handicappers. You have to select one which best suits your skills.

It is almost difficult for anyone to tell that whether the purchased set of clubs will work for you or not until you take them to the practice range and have them check. For amateurs, it becomes really hard to pick a right set of clubs and ball that will enable them to gain more distance.

Your club head speed also plays a vital role in choosing the right set of clubs for your. Nowadays for player’s convenience, many pro shops offer facilities to measure club head speed, ball speed and the trajectory and the back spin. It is better to have these measurements in your mind before purchasing equipment. For ladies, club head speed ranges from 70 mph and 90 mph for a male golfer. It further improves for professionals and ranges 110 mph.

Your speed very much depends on your swing style. If your swing is at fault, this may be due to wrong selection of club or vice versa. Here the best person that can help you is a profession, which can be more probably your coach. Coach is the best option to seek help from while shopping for golf equipment. Coach usually has all the required gadgets to mess up with your set of clubs and other gold equipment.

Either with the help of your coach or any other professional golfer, purchase the right kind of equipment that best suits your abilities and skills to make your game even better.

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