Shipwreck Beads Improving Your Workspace

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You will agree with me that setting up a beaded workspace is very basic since all you need is some space for your basic tools and supplies. Once these are laid you start improving on the initial set up striving to achieve the maximum safety and efficiency.

Crafters and in particular beaders are prone to continuous strain injuries, visual problems as well as back and neck strains, below are some achievable tips to enable you to lessen them:

Comfort is of paramount essence and a good chair is essential to avoid physical strain and attain the best comfort. A good chair offers the right posture and enables you to keep your feet flat on the floor hence making you hands relaxed in a neutral position. This comfort though should not make you work for long hours without breaks, always take short walks and stretch to ease tension build up.

Straining the eyes should be avoided and a good lighting set up is critical. If possible use of a magnifying gadget is essential particularly when working with miniature seed beads. There bulbs available in the market which show colours of your beads; fluorescent or incandescent bulbs can sometimes affect the colours that you see.

The type of tools you use is also important and having good tools does not necessarily mean expensive ones. They simply need to be apt for your strength and hand size. There are various tool versions available from your local supplier and you should use the most comfortable depending on the task that you are performing and thus you need to look around for these especially the new ergonomic version.

The above not withstanding, there are other factors which will help you avoid these physical problems and will also enhance the efficiency of your beaded flower work place and are outlined below:

For your work surface, a simple corkboard tile is ideal and is available at your local office supply store and since your space might be limited, the 12X12 inch one will be just perfect size for your work. Its uniqueness stems from its textures ability to help keeping things from falling and is sturdy enough to prevent tools from dropping.

Having a small bead mat keep beads I place thus making it easier to pick them up. These mats are available in most bead stores and come in thick albeit soft square fabric. You can also improvise one using old and un-used blankets in the house since they are cheap and work very well. On the other hand, that large coffee mug can come in handy as a container for wires and thread bits to keep your workstation clean and tidy.

The coffee mug is also ideal for holding the working wire spool thus keeping it from flying around in you workspace as you unwind the wire. Lastly and not least, keep a plastic container near to store tools and the unfinished pieces so that they are protected from children and pests after you leave the workspace. Always make sure you have all the supplies and tools handy before starting on any project as this ensures you will not stop at the middle of your project to run around sourcing for an item.

Our workspaces are dictated by individual preferences as we all work differently. New ideas and tools come up regularly to make it fun in beading and thus the changes and evolving trends need to be integrated with current workspaces. Creativity and inspiration stems from a comfortable work environment thus you need to look around at what you have and make the required changes. Once this is done, you can comfortably sit down and make your pretty flower bead item.

Remember you can get a free guide book on tips of making those perfect French beaded flowers. This is expertly written by Sharon Foster who is a French beaded flower and Ganutell artist and the blue print is more than just for beginners but for beaders in the higher levels as well.

You can learn more on Shipwreck Beads and the suppliers. Educate yourself to avoid any online situations that you may run into in the future.

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