“Shiffa’s Anti cellulite Kit”

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The human body's amazing ability to cleanse and renew itself automatically is slowed down by every day's exposure to toxins. The Shiffa detox program will help achieve a healthy new you in time for summer and for the rest of the year.

Shiffa's very own therapist has come up with an easy ABC treatment step which assures obvious results in no time! The program combines a 3 step treatment plan:
1) Basil, mint & black pepper body wash to hydrate, relieve and replenish the skin.
2) Basil & mint body scrub to smooth and refine the skin.
3) Energising body oil to promote circulation and tone cellulite-prone skin.

How you feel is connected to the body's ability to deal with toxins. Despite given the best conditions, the body still has plenty of work to do at times, a bit like detoxifying every so often to cleanse out toxin build up and to re-energize your body and mind;

Shiffa is here to give "that" boost and revitalization which your body deserves!

Did you know?

1. Cellulite is a problem that most women face, despite size, weight, frame or even level of fitness. This is due to poor circulation and the accumulation of toxins the body has not flushed out no matter the weight of the person.

2. Without proper elimination of these toxins, the lymphatic systems blocks, traps waste between the tissue and fat cells causing the swollen, bumpy and unwanted dimpling of the skin; hence decreasing the skins firmness.

3. Besides dieting and exercise, skin exfoliation has proven to work wonders; skin detoxification and stimulation are necessary in reducing cellulite & at the same point kick start and improve better circulation.

The Shiffa 3 step Anti cellulite program starts here:

Step 1- Use Shiffa's basil, mint & black pepper shower wash
Shiffa' natural and organic tingly body wash is made of rosemary to tone the body, fresh peppermint to refresh the skin, sweet basil to leave your skin glowing with radiance. Nurturing wheat protein to repair the body and spicy black pepper oil to reenergize & stimulate the body and mind.
This powerful body wash is for both women and men made from the purest aromatic herbs and ingredients which are all highly effective and famous to stimulate the lymphatic system and to detox the body leaving the skin smooth and glowing.

Step 2- Use Shiffa's basil and mint body scrub
After your Shiffa body wash, the basil and mint body scrub is used to help the body properly ‘spring clean' itself, it will improve the overall health and wellbeing by enhancing the body's natural process of detoxification leaving it renewed , soft & vibrant.

This rich mineral and nourishing body scrub is made up of stimulating hazel, sweet almond oil, dead sea salts which detoxifies the body and removes dead skin cells, grapefruit to clean and revive peppermint to stimulate the skin and deep-cleanse the pores. This recipe will definitely tone you up; flush out toxins and dead skin, leaving your skin as good as new.
Therapist's tip: a daily exfoliation on the hip, thigh and buttocks area, and any other area which requires rejuvenation and firmness (outer and inner arms as well as the stomach area) With the Shiffa basil & mint body scrub you will detox giving you that spa treatment at home feels.

Step 3- Use Shiffa's energizing body oil -This revitalizing body oil is blended with the purest and organic ingredients; stimulating and tingling ginger, peppermint oil to relieve irritations, spicy black pepper to encourage blood flow, moisturizing and healing aloe, and jojoba oil all known for "feeding" the skin and restoring the essential vitamins it needs, giving it minerals and nutrients which the skin naturally losses due to harsh climate. This oil will support the detoxification process to reduce cellulite, strengthen and tone the skin surface while leaving the texture smooth and supple. Oh and does this smell amazing on skin!

Therapist's tip for the "workout fanatics": 2 ways to use the energizing oil either applying it on the whole body focusing on the areas that need it the most & to be "repaired" and allow it to absorb naturally or a great tip for those women that wish to have a beauty tip which is a real must, apply the body oil the stomach area and wrapping the area allowing the body to sweat whilst working out in the gym and allow the oil to absorb the nutrients for an amazing detox result.

With any anti-cellulite kit purchased receive a complimentary anti-cellulite session with Shiffa's professional therapist at Sephora Dubai Mall.
A complimentary voucher will also be given upon purchase of your kit for a follow-up treatment of your own choice from the Shiffa Express Spa Menu.

Shiffa's anti cellulite kit is exclusively available at Sephora Dubai Mall, Dubai Marina Mall & Sephora Kuwait at the Avenue

For more details about Shiffa Dubai Skincare please contact:

Karina Salib
Marketing & Communications Manager
Tel: +971 5 1011193
Email: karina@shiffa.com
Website: www.shiffa.com

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