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The fictional detective Sherlock Holmes was created by the Scottish author and physician Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. He first appeared in publication way back in 1887 where he was featured in 4 novels and around 56 short stories. He is Famous for his astute logical reasoning and use of forensic science when solving difficult crimes. He also has a great ability to take on any disguise.

The author Doyle said the character Holmes was inspired by a real Doctor Joseph Bell who Doyle had worked as a clerk for at Edinburgh Royal Infirmary. Bell would also draw large conclusions from the smallest observations. Another person who inspired the character of Holmes was Sir Henry Littlejohn who was a Lecturer on Forensic Medicine and Public Health at the Royal College of Surgeons. Littlejohn served as Police Surgeon and Medical Officer of Health to the City of Edinburgh which provided a link between medical investigation and the detection of crime.

Holmes lived in London where he ran a detective agency and worked alone until the arrival of Dr Watson. He lived with Holmes for some time before his marriage and then again after his wife’s death. The famous phrase "Elementary, my dear Watson." was actually never said by Holmes in any of the sixty Holmes stories written by Conan Doyle, but Holmes did often remark that his logical conclusions were "elementary” and he occasionally referred to Dr Watson as "my dear Watson". But the two phrases never appear together.

Holmes famously used drugs on occasion as he believed that cocaine stimulated his brain and helped him in some cases. Also morphine was used but his partner Watson strongly disapproved of his drug use even though these drugs were legal in the late 19th century England.

There have been many novels, short stories and stage adaptions of this famous character going back to the early 1900’s. Plenty of films have also been made of this fictional detective and most recently the director Guy Ritchie did his interpretation with the actor Robert Downey JR playing the famous detective in the 2009 film with Jude Laws as his partner Watson.

Sherlock Holmes fans can now go on a Tour that takes you to all the key locations in London associated with the world famous detective. You can get to see the building where Holmes and Watson first meet in “A Study in Scarlet”. Visit the location used for the crypt scene where Lord Blackwood is foiled by Holmes and Watson in the latest Guy Ritchie movie. And of course see the famous 221b Baker St and its famous 1st floor study in the museum dedicated to the detective.

To go on the only Sherlock Holmes Tour check out Brit Movie tours. They also offer many other London film locations tours including, Inspector Morse Tours, Gavin and Stacey tours, Doctor who tours, Harry Potter tours and much much more.

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