Shaving Your Legs Without Irritation

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There are several ways for women to remove unwanted hair from their legs. Waxing, sugaring, and epilators all remove hair from the root, but can be quite painful.

You could also try different hair removal creams, but many women find these are ineffective, plus they can irritate very sensitive skin. Expensive laser treatments and other procedures are also a choice to permanently remove hair from the legs.

However, the premier choice for most women is the traditional razor to shave the hair from their legs. This tried and true method provides a clean, close shave, leaving your legs silky smooth and ultra touchable. The downside to using a razor is it can often leave nicks, cuts or a rash, known as razor burn. However, you can avoid these problems with a few simple tips.

Shower or bath in warm to hot water before you begin shaving to remove any dead skin cells or dirt from your legs. You should shave your legs within the first five minutes of your shower or bath as this is when your pores are open and it makes shaving easier.

Use a good lathering agent to glide the razor. Whether you prefer soap or shaving cream is up to you, but make sure you use something to help the razor travel smoothly. If you shave over the same area more than once, be sure to lather up again. Applying a razor to bare skin is the general cause of razor burn.

You should start shaving at the ankle and move upwards against the growth pattern of the hair. Knees can be tricky because the hair grows in several different directions around the knee, and the skin tends to be sensitive. Fully bend your knee to create a smooth surface and glide your razor over the area first in one direction, then in the opposite direction. Make sure you have lots of lather for each pass to prevent razor burn.

The most important thing to remember to get a smooth shave without irritation is to start with a great razor. The blades should be sharp and ideally there should be some sort of glide enhancement such as a rubber lip surrounding the blade area for a smooth shave. Single use disposable razors are more likely to nick and cut since they lack any protective banding.

Finally, always apply a moisturizing lotion after you shave. The skin can become dry very quickly from soap or shaving cream, so applying a moisturizer is the final step to silky legs.

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