Shanghai Zenith 5X impact crusher sand in the world in cutting-edge technology

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Domestic crushing industry is the rise in the 80s of last century , the first leading products , crusher, milling machine , sand making machine and other products rely mainly on imported core technologies , the Shanghai World state has a number of independent patent property rights VSI5X series high centrifugal impact crusher And other products come out, breaking the broken equipment abroad in large high technology monopoly , but also greatly reduced the production line in the sand long-term use in maintenance and spare parts replacement costs , become much present a new type of patented products Customers favor ! The results , announced to the world state the brand 's reputation in the international Barghouti , the World states toward the development plan with the world has made a good start !

VSI5X series centrifugal impact crusher is my company introduced German technology , have both a number of independent property rights, a new generation of product patents , three kinds of fragmentation patterns Yu Ji one , as the industry 's Hexinshebei Jizhi sand . A new high efficiency crusher .

VSI5X series uses high centrifugal impact crusher :

The impact of breaking in a wide range of metal and nonmetal mines , cement, refractories , abrasives , glass materials , construction aggregate , sand , and metallurgical industries . Applicable in a variety of different hardness quarry plant ore and rock, such as iron ore , nonferrous metal ores, diamond , bauxite , quartz sand , corundum, perlite , basalt, high hardness materials in petty jobs .
VSI5X series centrifugal impact crusher features:

1 , deep cavity -type rotor optimized design , the amount of materials increased by about 30%.

2 weeks after the retaining plate can wear down a U-turn local use , improve material utilization , can improve life for more than 48% .

3, modular design hammer , hammer only to replace worn parts , can reduce the cost of more than 30% use . The addition of the vice hammer , to effectively prevent damage to the main stand after the hammer and wear plate .

4 , the core of wear-resistant materials used in the United States with a high degree of wear-resistant high temperature important industry materials .

Five , with diamond impact block , to avoid material damage after impact wear plate legislation .

6, bearings used in Japan, Sweden, the United States and other international brand.

7 , the optimum emitter and smoother curved interior design , reduce the flow resistance of materials to substantially improve the capacity of materials .

8, dual-use bulk plate , simple , convenient way to achieve two kinds of feed conversion .

9 , shaft seal the bottom of a special structure to ensure no oil seal is not leaking .

10 imported parts from Japan hydraulic open end devices can be convenient and efficient mobile shelters, maintenance of the body to replace the internal parts and saving labor

11, used motor high level of protection . The type of motor has high efficiency, low noise characteristics. Meet the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standard , F class insulation , IP54/55 protection level .

The face of market economy in an increasingly competitive high-speed development of information technology to the new situation , well-equipped , technologically advanced , powerful and thoughtful service and other support , is before us a new task is to win the key to competitive advantage . With the product itself , such as the ability to speak , the quality - quality - the brand , which is a product of the birth process can be profitable , is a business based on whether the measure of long-term development . Mixed in the global market , the leading science and technology and to guide the consumer market today without their own core technology products , enterprise products begin to talk about quality , not to say that the quality and brand . So, a business should want to brand , first of all to do quality . Shanghai World state machine has so far been stressed that the basic work of the company do a good job , grab the source from the product quality , enhance competitiveness , and this is the basis for enterprises to long-term development , the company called on quality inspection institutions to help companies establish and improve the standardization system , Measuring system , the quality assurance system , improve quality awareness and management. True in all aspects of the enterprise in accordance with international requirements on the implementation of quality control , and fundamentally improve product quality , and improving international competitiveness.

As a business , one is profitable , one is responsible . An enterprise is to profit , but earnings are intended to further the development of enterprises , and enterprise development goal is to be more scientific results of these applied to society . And forming a virtuous circle , constantly hatching scientific and technological achievements into products that serve the community , this is what we aim to do business .

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