Sewer Cleaning - An Overview

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A sewer contains all the toilet wastes of a house or a building. They are constructed under the ground and often get blocked with trash. Sewer tanks, when congested, function inefficiently. When a sewer system seems to be working improperly, the tank must be cleaned thoroughly. If sewer systems are no cleaned within regular intervals of time, the pipelines of a house may cause a huge mess around your house.

Sewer cleaning is basically the process of removing large amount of debris from a sewer tank. Debris can contain anything from slime to large stones. Sewer cleaning is necessary to simplify the flow of sewage. Sewer cleaning method is a little more than just digging up the sewer tank. It is a task that only professional cleaners can accomplish. The debris inside a sewer tank is directed to a sewage treatment plant. If this movement seems to be flow or backed-up, the sewer plant would not be able to maintain the flow of sewage. Backed-up sewage can lead to sewage floods.

Here are some of the issues that call for sewer cleaning process.


Removing clogs from a sewer tank is the most common issue for which we often feel the need of calling a sewer cleaner. Clogs must be cleared from the drains and toilets in a residential home to repair a faulty sewer system. This often applies for corporate buildings too. Professional cleaners make use of an industrial drain cleaner. At times, it is necessary to unscrew the pipes and manually dig out the clogged debris from a sewer tank. After a major storm, often water drainage systems are blocked with leaves.


Leaks are a common problem with sewer system. They generally take place due to cracks in pipelines. Both in residential and corporate buildings, repairing leaks mean just replacing a pipe. In case, there is a major crack in a sewer pipe under the ground can lead to a major issue that may require a major clean-up process by the professional cleaners.


General sewer cleaning must be conducted regularly. Though, at times such cleaning can be done by a home owner himself, but it would be wise to seek help from a professional cleaner who is well versed with the cleaning techniques of a sewer system. Professional cleaners use proper equipment to clean a sewer tank and thus, you can be assured of getting good results.

If your sewer system is no functioning properly, it probably is the right time to get a sewer cleaning. Pittsburgh has a number of companies that offer professional sewer cleaning services.

If you are looking an expert plumbing contractor Pittsburgh for sewer and drain cleaning, contact Mark Gillece Plumbing & Heating Inc. They have been providing sewer line services for over 25 years.

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