Several Ways of Using Phones Would Damage Your Health

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Mobile phones are the high-tech communication products in the current information age and they have entered into every field in work and life. Cell phone calls are realized through high-frequency electromagnetic waves, which not only have damage on nervous, blood, immune system and eyes, but also influence reproductive and embryonic development. Therefore, the correct use of mobile phones is very important.

Do not receive phones in the corner. Many people like to receive private phones in corner of building. But in common situation, the signal coverage is relatively poor and it will increase the radiation power of cell phone to some extent. By the same token, people should be cautious in using cell phones in small enclosed environments such as elevator.

Do not put your ears close to the mobile phone when dialing. When the mobile phone is dialed but not connected, the radiation will be significantly enhanced. So, people should let the phone far away from the head and listen to the phone for about five seconds.

Do not receive phones with one ear for long time. Research shows that the continuous radiation may cause influence on brain. Experts suggest that people should not use mobile phones for extended conversations and they can consider switching to fixed-line telephone or headphones. If you have to talk long time with the phone directly, ears should be changed every one to two minutes to answer phone.

Do not move frequently in the process of using phones. Some people like to walk unconsciously and frequently while receiving cell phones. But they do not know that the location movement will cause the fluctuations of received signal strength and cause unnecessary short-term high-power transmission. In order to avoid too frequent district switching, some mobile phones designate high-power and wider ranged base station, whose transmit power will increase with the transmission distance.

Do not hang the cell phones on the neck or waist. Range of mobile phone radiation is a ring belt and the distance between the phone and the human body determines the extent of radiation absorbed by the body. Medical experts have pointed out that patients with heart failure, arrhythmia cannot hang the phone in the chest. The healthier and safer way is to put cell phone in the outer layer of package to ensure good signal coverage.

We cannot deny that cell phones are quite useful in modern society, but the correct usage of cell phones is very necessary. We should follow the above tips and learn to use cell phone in safe ways.

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